10 Sexiest Moments of the Golden Globes

The award show was full of glitz, glamour and not-to-be-missed moments.
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10 Sexiest Moments of the Golden Globes

The award show was full of glitz, glamour and not-to-be-missed moments.

-The Betty Editors

January Jones Golden Globes

How crazy were the Golden Globes Sunday night? Between the big wins, the beautiful dresses, the mean jokes and the dramatic acceptance speeches, it was an awards show not to be missed. Here are our 10 favorite moments of the night:

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1. Ricky Gervais Starting Off the Show With a Beer in his Hand

Ricky Gervais Golden Globes

Although it all went downhill from there, Ricky Gervais came out during his introduction with a beer and said, “Let’s get the party started.” From then on, he insulted everything from Robert Downey Jr.’s struggles with substances to making fun of the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press’s age, which definitely was not cute, but walking out with a beer – that was kind of hot.

2. Olivia Wilde and Robert Pattinson Presenting

The sexiest duo giving an award were definitely Olivia Wilde and Robert Pattinson presenting for Best Foreign Film. They just stood there and read off the teleprompter, but honestly, with all that hotness on one stage, we couldn’t have taken much else.

3. Helen Mirren’s Awesomeness.

Helen Mirren with her foxy new ‘do managed to work the word “insemination” into her introduction of Best Drama Picture nominee, The King’s Speech. Oh and that necklace? Worth $1.6 million, we hear. Lady’s got it GOING ON!

Check her (and her cleavage) out on the red carpet:

4. Angelina Jolie Applying Lip Gloss

Angelina Jolie lip gloss Golden Globes

While Matt Damon was presenting the Cecil B. DeMille award to Robert De Niro, the camera cut to Angelina Jolie who was applying lip gloss. Even Angie needs to primp – and how sexy did she look doing it!?

5. Chris Colfer’s Acceptance Speech

A surprisingly emotional moment of the night was when Chris Colfer of Glee won best supporting actor for a TV Series. His co-stars were ecstatic–Lea Michele was crying, Dianna Agron was jumping up and down–and Chris was overcome with emotion as he eloquently thanked his co-stars and told all the kids out there who’ve been bullied, “Screw that!” Go Chris!

Next: RDJ raises the hotness level by about 80 million degrees…

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