10 Sexy Pieces of Lingerie to Bring on Your Honeymoon

From bombshell bras to cool chemises, we've rounded up the season's hottest lingerie items. Plus, get expert advice from lingerie designer Laura Mehlinger on snagging your perfect
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1. Get fitted

When shopping for bras, it’s important to get fit initially by an experienced bra-fitter.Laura says, “I recommend finding your local boutique, which is more likely than a lingerie chain store to be staffed by experienced owners or employees who are knowledgeable about a range of brands that their store carries. Once you’ve found your correct size and learned how to avoid the dreaded bra foibles (jiggle, spillover, quadraboob, strap digging, etc.) you can explore brands that work for your unique body.”

2. Buy what you like

Laura tells us, “There are no definite no-nos in the bedroom. It depends on your partner’s and your own taste. Some find a boyfriend T shirt and white cotton panties to be the sexiest thing of all time; some would call it an MRO (Man Repeller Outfit). What you should avoid are outfits that make you feel schlubby. If you know it’s only laziness or self-consciousness keeping you in junky sweat pants, challenge yourself to try something that will make you feel more sensual.”

3. Feel sexy

Laura reminds us that, “The most important tip to looking sexy in lingerie? Feeling sexy. Start with simple steps. Buy some lingerie that you love, and wear it on a date with yourself at home. Play sexy music. Sip champagne. Flirt with yourself. Once this new sensual self has gotten used to expressing itself, you can take your confident lingerie-clad bod out and wow someone else!”

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