10 Things You Want To Know About Kristen Stewart

Eclipse is here at last and it's time you learned some fun facts about the blockbuster's leading lady.
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9. KStew’s Twilight-esque pets.

Kristen Stewart

Her cat’s name is Jella (sounds like “Bella”) and her two dogs are so big they look like wolves.


10. Cute kid!

Kristen Stewart

Kristen smiled more when she was an adorable little girl. Look at that happy baby, KStew!

Why doesn’t she smile like this more often?

Sarah Polonsky is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “10 Things You Want To Know About Kristen Stewart

  1. booksorclothes says:

    OMG – is she serious calling what she does “professional liar,” ???? Seriously? She’s making mucho dinero doing this- spoiled brat.

  2. mannequin says:

    I didn’t know that was her in Panic Room. Nor did I know that she is a natural blonde. I just love secrets.

  3. CityLady212 says:

    She’s a liar because she’s full sh*t, not bc she’s an actress.

  4. uptowngirl says:

    @booksorclothes: Isn’t that awful? I thought that was her ‘craft.’ I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt for a minute and hope that in context, she was joking and underplaying her job, as if to say it’s less noble than others. I HOPE.

  5. jessica03 says:

    she annoys me!

  6. shamrockblonde says:

    like her much better as a blonde – as for her remarks, I’m going to chalk them up to her age and the hope that she thinks she sounds oh so cool – if not, then she truly is foolish – never bite the hand that feeds you, young lady –

  7. hicynth says:

    the brunette is soo much better.

  8. sugarpie says:

    She’s a jerk, but most people are jerks at her age.

  9. Cheer321 says:

    @sugarpie okay look,for one,thats just stupid and incredibly unprofessional of you to categorize a group of ppl like that!!im about her age,and honestly im not a jerk!
    and two,shes totaly hotter blond!

  10. SydneyD says:

    FYI: In picture #5 that is Nikki Reed with Kristen’s father in the background, not Kristen. In picture #9 that is the actor John Corbett in Vancouver and those are HIS dogs, not Kristen’s. He ran into Kristen on the street while she was there filming New Moon. John and Kristen knew each other from filming The Messengers together. Get your facts straight next time!!!

  11. lovesbetty says:

    @ Sydney- 1) it’s Kristen’s father so who cares if she’s not in the pic… 2) I think those dogs look live wolves to me so who cares?!

  12. SarahP says:

    We swapped the pics out to avoid confusion. Thanks for the tip!

  13. JackAssin says:

    Nice foot picture at page 4!

  14. pjs411 says:

    Hey SydneyD, what are you on drugs??? Picture #5 is Kristin & her dad walking next to each other there is no third person in the photo, how could you confuse Kristin w/ Nikki??? I am thinking that somehow the pics you are seeing are not what I see because pic #9 is a pic of Bella transformed as a vamp. Anyway, it is no secret that Kristin & her fam own 2 wolf hybrids, just check out her appearance on David Letterman last week and all they basically talk about are her wolf dogs and show pictures of them. You get your facts straight!!

  15. pjs411 says:

    Almost forgot, looking at Kristin’s baby pic #10, her hair looks awfully dark. If she is a natural blonde it is dark blonde and had highlights put in. Think she looks good in any color…she is getting prettier as she matures.

  16. izzbizz101 says:

    first of all sydneyd at what im seeing, that is kristen on #5 it looks like she’s wearing KEDS and in a magazine that i read she was wearing those type of shoes and nikki reed hardly ever wears skinny jeans like that.2nd is that i think she looks younger and better brunette.

  17. izzbizz101 says:

    SYDNEYD at what i’m seeing that is kristen on #5 because nikki reeves hardly ever wears skinny jeans and kristen is wearing boat shoes and in a magazine that i own has a picture of kristen wearing boat she’s and nikki mostly wears heels.

  18. izzbizz101 says:

    i mean kristen is wearing boat shoes

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