10 Tips That Can Change Your Life in 10 Seconds or Less

Must-know tips from "The Women's Health Diet" by Stephen Perrine and the editors of Women's Health.
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10 Tips That Can Change Your Life in 10 Seconds or Less

Must-know tips from “The Women’s Health Diet” by Stephen Perrine and the editors of Women’s Health.

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Here’s an excerpt from The Women’s Health Diet (womenshealthdietbook.com)—a brand new book by Stephen Perrine, Leah Flickinger, and the editors of Women’s Health—on the quick and easy things you can do to instantly improve your day-to-day life. Enter to win a copy of the book here!

1. Drink Your Milk. Think you’re getting a nutritional boost from your morning cereal? Up to 40 percent of the vitamins in fortified cereals dissolve in the milk. If you don’t drink the leftover cow juice, you’re not getting the fancy-pants nutrients!

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2. Ice It, Ace It. Drink a few glasses of ice-cold water before and during exercise. Studies show that the cold stuff can improve endurance by about 23 percent. And ice water forces your body to expend calories warming it up, boosting your metabolism as well.

3. Lift, Damn It!. Verbally expressing emotion while lifting increases muscle strength by up to 25 percent. (Of course, it also increases your risk of being tossed out of the gym by the same percentage . . .) Or get someone to scream at you: You’ll be able to lift 5 to 8 percent more weight if you get verbal encouragement from a trainer or workout partner.

4. Bribe Yourself Fit. Bet a colleague (like the one who’s not so secretly gunning for your job) 50 bucks that you can stick to your workout program for 6 months. Studies show that those who do achieve an average 97 percent success rate. Alternate plan? Schedule your workouts, then put $5 in a jar for each one you make. Pledge the money toward something sweet, like a new bike or a trip to Vegas.

5. Pick The Red One. Red cabbage has 15 times as much wrinkle-fighting betacarotene as green cabbage. Red bell peppers have up to nine times as much vitamin C as green ones.

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  1. I already do a couple of these. I love red bell peppers and rye bread, so those are easy, yummy ways to improve health! I’ve also recently started eating more salmon, which I never used to like, but now I find I enjoy it and it’s good for me too!

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