10 Top Trends for Fall from the Fashion Magazines

What's hot this fall - from the September issues of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar
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10 Top Trends for Fall from the Fashion Magazines

What’s hot this fall – from the September issues of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar

-Lois Joy Johnson

Vogue and Bazaar

Like two bulimic fashionistas, the September issues of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar swell to plus-size proportions while ingesting loads of ad pages, then regurgitate hundreds of fall looks for readers before they shrink back to normal the following month. We wait for them to appear on newsstands like groupies backstage at a rock concert.

This September Vogue is 584 pages and has a Stylish Steals & Smart Splurges coverline. Bazaar has 484 pages and beckons with Stylish Steals, Exclusive Discounts and Prizes Inside on its cover. I’m going to save you (and your mailman) from having to lug these two heavyweight divas home. Here’s a style guide to the top 10 trends from the world of couture culture:



If you buy one thing this fall, choose shoes. Either one of these trendy choices toughen up feminine pieces. Bazaar loves the Circa Joan & David‘s strappy grey suede heels ($99, 800-999-1877), green snakeskin sandals by Nine West ($89, ninewest.com) and Coach‘s snakeskin sandals — shown here ($198, 866-262-2440).

Nine West oxford heels

Vogue shows lots of towering heels by Prada and Lanvin but goes for booties like the Nine West oxfords shown here ($99, ninewest.com) and the Circa Joan and David laceups ($100, zappos.com) in its cheapie alternatives section called 100 Under $500.

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0 thoughts on “10 Top Trends for Fall from the Fashion Magazines

  1. These are interesting, but who is going to buy some of this stuff….I have never considered “under $500” a reasonable category for any item of clothing or accessory! Give me a category of $100 or less for clothing, and I would definitely go for it, but with 3 young daughters, designer duds are out for me.

  2. I agree with Pepper – although I really enjoy seeing the full priced pieces for inspiration, I like being shown where I can “get the look for less” too!

  3. The “Bathrobe” Coat? Who wants a coat that looks so much like a bathrobe that the designer actually attached the name to it? Although some of these designs are cute, so many of what is seen in this magazines is not only entirely unaffordable (not to mention overpriced) for 95% of women, the designs are frequently so over the top that most women would not considering wearing them. There are so many better looking styles out there that are priced within reason that actually make great sense for most women. Perhaps I will put together my own article with clothes for real women . . . and you can publish it on your site.

  4. I really liked those “Bazaar loves the Circa Joan & David’s strappy grey suede heels ($99, 800-999-1877)” but I can’t find them anywhere. A call to the number, which is sister company Nine West, won’t permit human interaction. Has anyone seen these out and about?

  5. I can’t find them anywhere either, and have been looking for 3 weeks! I talked to an actual human when calling the number and was told they had zero to do with it and you’d have to just look for the shoe in stores. I also emailed Bazaar but they never responded. Anyone else out there seen them yet??

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