10 Tumblr Fashion Sites We Love

Whether they're chockfull of gorgeous clothing, accessories or photos, we're digging these oh so chic Tumblr blogs.
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10 Tumblr Fashion Sites We Love

Whether they’re chockfull of gorgeous clothing, accessories or photos, we’re digging these oh so chic Tumblr blogs.

-Diana Denza

alexa chung

With Tumblr’s free access and super easy design, just about anyone who has ever coveted a pair of Louboutins can post images, rants, and style news. You can find Alexa Chung, Coco Rocha and other celebs posting photos and more.Though we’re in full support of the flood of creativity on fashion’s latest hub, we know it can be hard for a gal with limited time on her hands to navigate the waters. So, (being the fab Bettys we are) we’ve rounded up the 10 accounts that’ll help you stay in the know. Brimming with originality, professional-quality style shots, and insider info, you’ll enjoy every moment of your fashion ‘tumbl’!

1. Oscar PR Girl 

oscar pr girl tumblr

What it Features: instant access to the goings-on inside the super prestigious Oscar de la Renta fashion house.

Why You Should Subscribe: Any gal with a penchant for Oscar can get more than her fair share of images, videos, and related quotes just by clicking ‘Follow.’ Be warned: this chick has the wardrobe fashion fantasies are made of, so prepare to lust after her dreamy dresses and shoes.

2. Oh So Coco 

coco rocha tumblr

What it Features: photos from shoots, personal commentary, and a rainbow of color.

Why You Should Subscribe: Canadian model Coco Rocha has brains and beauty, a combination that makes reading her blog both highly entertaining and informative.

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3. Styled On 

styled on tumblr

What it Features: illustrations, collages, street style, and the latest and greatest designer duds.

Why You Should Subscribe: We can definitely ‘tumbl’ into this Tumblr –high fashion without the attitude, it’s one of our favorite ways to kill a few minutes hours.

4. Textbook 

textbook tumblr

What it Features: characters from literature reimagined through a modern-day designer lens.

Why You Should Subscribe: A Tumblr essential for those of us who spent our high school English days wondering what Shakespeare’s characters would wear in scenes from Twelfth Night. Chock full of surprises, (who would’ve thought to dress Anne Boleyn in a Rodarte dress and Prada boots for her execution?), this Tumblr is even more addictive than photos from Fashion Week. And more than 50,000 fashion-savvy followers can’t be wrong.

5. Blackberry Vision 

blackberry vision

What it Features: impressive photos taken by a New York fashion photographer with an overworked Blackberry.

Why You Should Subscribe: The self-proclaimed “Love Letter to New York City” is just that –and we can’t help but continue our Tumblr affair with this ode to the Big Apple. The images of stunning garments, to-die-for shoes, and sugary sweet cupcakes will draw you in, but this blogger’s devotion to the greatest city in the world will make you click happy.

Alexa Chung’s Tumblr and more up next!

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