10 Ultra-Expensive Engagement Rings

When it comes to diamonds, bigger is blingier!
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5. De Beers platinum diamond ring- 9 carats ($ 1.83 M, debeers.com).

De Beers Platinum

6. De Beers Marie Antoinette yellow cushion ring- 15.55 carats (price available upon request, debeers.com)

Marie-Antoinette Yellow Cushion Ring

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7. Tiffany Fancy yellow diamond ring- 13. 59 carats ($675,000, tiffany.com)

Fancy yellow diamond ring

8. Tiffany fancy deep pink diamond ring- 2.54 carats ($770,000, tiffany.com)

Fancy Deep Pink diamond ring

9. Elizabeth Collection of House of Taylor Jewelry platinum diamond ring-9.94 carats ($1.3 M, designerbrands.com)

Elizabeth Collection House of Taylor Jewelry platinum diamond ring

10. De Beers yellow diamond ring- 5.11 carats ($400,000, debeers.com). Purchased both by Eddie Murphy and Charlie Sheen, this ring has celebrity clout.

De Beers yellow diamond ring

 Jenny Beres is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter who lives in Los Angeles.

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  1. So pretty ! but I love my pretty pearl anyday! it’s the thought that counts..and even though he says he’ll get me a bigger one once we finish school I won’t want it. This one he took months to pick out! (sneaky bff told me so!-well after he asked me of course! )

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