11 Actresses Who Transformed Into Iconic People (Eat Your Heart Out, LiLo!)

Lindsay Lohan could learn a few lessons about transforming into iconic, real-life people from actresses like Marion Cotillard and Meryl Streep.
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Cate Blanchett Bob Dylan

No, that’s not actually Bob Dylan. It’s Cate Blanchett as “Jude Quinn,” AKA Bob Dylan circa 1966. Amazing? Um, yes.

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9. and 10. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange as Little and Big Edith Bouvier Beale in Grey Gardens

Drew Barrymore Jessica Lange Grey Gardens

The story of Jackie Onassis Kennedy’s eccentric aunt and first cousin, both named Edith Bouvier Beale, has been told a number of times (including on Broadway), but HBO’s 2009 film totally nailed it. The Grey Gardens estate is what I imagine Miss Havisham’s house in Great Expectations looks like—except that instead of one wacky old lady, there are two of them. Wowzers.

11. Charlize Theron as Ailene Wuornos in Monster

Charlize Theron Monster

Early in her career, Charlize Theron was mostly known for her stunning beauty (and rightly so—let’s face it, the woman is gorgeous). Then Monster happened, and, well… you get the idea. Wonderfully nuanced, Charlize’s performance as prostitute and serial killer Ailene Wuornos refused to limit itself to a black-and-white viewpoint. Unsurprisingly, she won the Oscar that year.

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