11 Celebrities Who Have Had Real-Life Ghostly Encounters

Think ghostly encounters only happen to the un-famous? Think again-- because these 11 celebs have some spooky tales to tell!
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7. Ace Frehely


KISS guitarist Ace Frehely got punched in the face by a ghost once. Well, maybe “punched” is the wrong word, since his ghost wasn’t corporeal; it did, however, grab a book off the top of a water cooler in his recording study and throw it at his head. It landed. Ouch.

8. Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised that Taylor Momsen the Devil Child has not only seen ghosts, but more importantly, has actually gone looking for them on her own: After her mother’s elderly neighbor died, young Taylor promptly decided that the thing to do next was to go ghost hunting. So naturally, she went into the deceased lady’s home and had a good look around. Taylor claims she snapped two clearly ghostly photos: One of a disembodied hand on a typewriter and one of the old woman’s whole body visible in a window.

9. Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart

Patrick Ian

This one is my personal favorite: When British acting greats Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan (Captain Picard and Gandalf, guys! Professor X and Magneto! Awesome!) were performing Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot at the Haymarket Theatre in London, Patrick had a night where he froze for a moment in the first act. Later on, Ian asked him what had happened. His response? “I just saw a ghost onstage during Act I.” If there was ever a good reason to freeze up, that’s certainly it! They found out afterwards that the ghost is believed to be that of John Baldwin Buckstone, an actor-manager from times gone by who tends to appear during comedies performed at the Haymarket. Now, I know some might not classify Godot as a comedy, but I beg to differ—and so, apparently, does John Baldwin Buckstone.

10. Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan

The How I Met Your Mother star lives with her husband and daughter—and a ghost! He’s appeared a few times, most notably once in the bathroom window. The kicker is that Alyson knew that at that time, it couldn’t possibly be her husband, Alexis Denisof. She’s not sure who the ghost is, but she kind of wants to find out. So maybe there’s still a story yet to unfold!

11. Joe Hill

Joe Hill

Stephen King isn’t the only writer in the family; his son Joe Hill has been making literary waves of his own with novels such as Heart-Shaped Box and Horns, a short story collection entitled 20th Century Ghosts, and the comic book Locke and Key. Locke and Key was recently made into a television pilot (we’ll tell you more about that later in the week!) which sadly wasn’t picked up this fall; but on his way back from shooting the pilot in Pittsburgh, Joe found himself in a ghost story of his own. He stayed at the Bethlehem Hotel in Pennsylvania, which not only acknowledges itself as a haunted hotel, but which profits off of it: They have a package called “A Room with a Boo” that includes a stay in room 932, the hotel’s allegedly haunted room. Alas, on the night Joe was to stay there, 932 was booked; so instead, he stayed in the room directly below it. It’s possible that 832 gets the residual effects of 932, though, because in the middle of the night, Joe woke up feeling more terrified than he had ever felt before in his life. He was certain that there was something in the room with him sitting on the end of his bed, but he found himself paralyzed and couldn’t life his head to see who—or what—it was. He could scream, though—which he did, as loud as he could. Which, by the way, was followed by a whole bunch of thumping from the room above him. Guess he gave room 932 a “boo” all his own!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associated editor. She’s never seen a ghost, but she’d sort of like to one day.

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  2. We’re in! Given by journalist/NYU professor/all-round “ghost guy” Aaron Sagers, this talk made our skin crawl with all sorts of real-life ghostly encounters– had by celebs! Did you know that Matthew McConaughey lived in a haunted house?

  3. The first time he encountered his ghost, he freaked out: He kept hearing noises that sounded like a dime getting dropped about ten feet (have you ever heard a dime get dropped ten feet? It’s loud. Seriously.).

  4. Of course, it's not possible to find out who of them was telling the truth since paranormal activity news have always been something that is effective for PR… but I do believe that sometimes there are things that humanity can't explain.

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