11 Crazy Comic-Con Costumes

heir mothers let them out of the house dressed like that?
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11 Crazy Comic-Con Costumes

Their mothers let them out of the house dressed like that?

-Kenneth Thapoung

 comic con costumes

Halloween came early this year! Oh shoot. It’s just Comic-Con 2011.

Hundreds gathered in San Diego this past weekend as average Joes and Janes suited up in their favorite superhero and super villain costumes to celebrate their fantasies at Comic-Con. Some people went all out on their outfits (and by all out, we mean spent wads of cash), while others had their mothers stitch and pin their costumes together.

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Here are 10 costumes that made us wish we had gone to the event. Just so we could have taken more photos!

1. Adrienne Curry

 adrienne curry

Why do you ask yourself is Adrienne Curry photographed in her hotel room rather than on the convention floor? ‘Cause she got thrown out for the costume being “too revealing.” Well, she is newly single and needs another reality show!

2. Not a Love Song


This isn’t what Leona Lewis meant when she sang “bleeding love.”

3. Disney Porn

disney princesses

These are the Disney Princesses? One can only imagine what the cartoons look like.

4. Naked Pikachu

naked pickachu

I’d think twice before letting him near your Pokéball.

5. Trash Day


OMG! Is this the next star of A&E’s Hoarders?

6. Rock N’ Roll Will Never Die

Phish fans

Phish fans from the future!

More wacky costumes up next!

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