11 Real-Life Worst First Date Lines Ever

We're sharing cringe-worthy first date no-nos with you. Do they sound familiar?
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-We meet at a cafe in New York City’s Greenwich Village. I order a plain (inexpensive) tea. He orders a pricey cappuccino and a piece of pastry and never offers me a taste of the pastry. The bill comes and he demands that we split it 50/50. When I balk, he says, “I hate women who always expect a man to pick up the whole check and pay for them.”

-Candice Sabatini, Editor-In-Chief, BeautyNewsNYC.com

Back when I was writing for music mags, I had a coffee date with a musician. We were talking about bands. He stopped me in the middle of a sentence and said to me, “I don’t like it when a woman knows more about music than I do.”

-PJ Gach, Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

I was working for a clothing company a few years ago at the height of their popularity. While on a first date with this guy I thought was so cool, he told (not really asked) me to get him some clothes since he was sure I wouldn’t have a problem getting him free stuff.

-Dynelle Skinner, Women’s Footwear Editor,  Shoeography.com

We sat down at the bar, and the guy (who I admittedly met at a bar) said: “Okay, so … how many drinks is this gonna take?”

-Jill Baughman, Copy Chief, The Stir

Tell us: what was the WORST thing a guy said to you on a date?

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