12 Signs He'll be Bad in Bed

TheFrisky.com offers 12 signs that a man might be bad in bed.


12 Signs He’ll be Bad in Bed

Bad sexual abilities signs

-Wendy Atterberry, TheFrisky.com

a man and a woman in bedWe’ve talked about how you can tell the size of a guy’s penis before sampling the goods, but how can you tell how he’s gonna be in bed before doing the deed? Oh, I’m so glad you asked! Women – and men – the world over have had to learn the hard way (or, as the case may be, the not so hard way) that their new guy doesn’t have it going on between the sheets. Now you can be spared their agony! After the jump, 12 signs you know he’ll be bad in bed (without even taking your clothes off).

1. He still sleeps in a single bed.

2. He has bad breath.

3. He owns “Star Wars” bedding.

4. When he kisses you, the only part of his body that moves is his tongue.

5. He has fuzzy dice or a mini disco ball hanging from the rearview mirror in his car.

6. He can’t maintain eye contact with you.

7. He never misses a day of working out.

8. You’ve been out with him four times and he hasn’t made a move yet.

9. He eats with his fingers.

10. He constantly brags about his sexual prowess.

11. He checks out his reflection in store windows.

12. Three words: puka shell necklace.

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So Bettys, how can YOU tell if a guy will be bad in bed? Got any horror stories to share?

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9 thoughts on “12 Signs He'll be Bad in Bed

  1. Rei, I agree with you so much. But there are a few that signal that he might not be into you (or “bad in bed” or whatever)that have been true to me. And, I totally disagree on the single bed thing. why would that mean anything? A man might just live on his own, and it might just have been cheap, or on sale

  2. I disagree with "9. He eats with his fingers."
    I am from India and its quite normal to eat with fingers here. Are you saying all Indian men are bad in bed then?
    Eating with silverware with proper table etiquette just right could get quite snobbish. Would you eat chips and dip with a knife and fork?

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