12 Things to NEVER do in Bed

From surprise rear attacks to three little words - what NOT to do (or say) in bed.
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Things to NEVER do in Bed7. Don’t deny down town access just because you’re not completely shaved.
So you haven’t been waxed in a while … if guys are really turned on, they don’t care. That being said, one guy did add, “If a girl’s completely overgrown, deny, deny, deny.” If you’re having sex with a guy, you have jungle pubes, and you’re not sure about the guy’s stance on hairy vs. bald vaginas, your safest bet may be not to let him go down on you.  But if you’re somewhere in between Brazilian and jungle woman, guys really don’t care.

8. Don’t expect the guy to have a condom.
Take the responsibility of keeping both you and him protected by having a stash of condoms at your house.   You can’t assume a guy will carry one with him wherever he goes.

9. Don’t keep quiet about what you like.
Not all guys totally understand that mysterious thing they call “la vagine.”  Though many want to act like they know everything, in reality, they are always up for some suggestions.  If your guy isn’t quite hitting the spot, don’t hesitate to tell him what he could do better.

10. Don’t be routine.
I asked dozens of guys if there were any moves girls did in bed that just didn’t work, or positions they didn’t enjoy.  Their collective answer: “No.  We’re not picky.  If it’s sex, it’s good.”  But many did add that they wanted girls to be willing to try new positions and switch up the old routine.  Try doing it in a sexy outfit, in a different location, or consult a kinky book for a new sex position.

11. Don’t act grossed out after going down on a guy—you did it voluntarily.  Sometimes we forget, but guys are sensitive.  If we go down on a guy and then start saying “yuck, bla,” spitting everywhere and making a huge production over how gross it is, it hurts their feelings.  There’s nothing wrong with spitting, but you can do it without making a big deal over it.  And if you find oral sex that gross, don’t do it.  After all, we wouldn’t want a guy to act disgusted after he finished performing on us …

12. Don’t be a dead fish. 
You should be having sex because you’re turned on and into your partner.  And since that’s the case, don’t be afraid to show your desire and really get into it.  You don’t have to be porn star loud, but do be a joiner and participate in the action.   Continue to touch him, caress him, and kiss him to show that you’re fully engaged.

 Betty’s Sexpert Amber Madison is a sex educator and author of Hooking Up: A Girl’s All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality, and Talking Sex With Your Kids, to be released this March.

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  1. The only problem with this article is that it is backward. At least for me it is. #12 should be first! If a woman does not reciprocate…nothing is going to happen! I like “turnin’ her on” first as I make sure she is satisfied first; but, she “must” return the love!!!

  2. i hate to ask but is it trully wrong to go down on a guy when he has a girlfriend? i had this boyfriend of a year and we would do that a lot but now that we r just friends he asked and i did but am i supposed to feel bad?

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