12 Items to Rock Summer Concert Style Right

From crop tops to bangles and rompers to sandals, we've got all you'll need to steal the spotlight.
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12 Items to Rock Summer Concert Style Right

From crop tops to bangles and rompers to sandals, we’ve got all you’ll need to steal the spotlight.

-Beata Cherepakhina

 Vanessa Hudgens with a man

From crop tops to bangles and rompers to sandals, we’ve got all you’ll need to steal the spotlight.

The end of summer may be peeking out from around the corner (we can’t believe it’s August either!), but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to enjoy a summer concert. Take it from us there’s nothing better than enjoying a relaxing day listening to your favorite bands under the sun’s warm glow. (Vanessa Hudgens knows a little something about that!)

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Concert style is all about mixing the practical with the fashionable and looking cute while staying comfortable. And we’ve got twelve great items to help you achieve just that.


NTICE On The Fringe crop tee

1. NTICE On The Fringe crop tee ($68, shopnastygal.com). Think Woodstock with this fun fringe detail.

AE bleached denim midi short

2. AE bleached denim midi short ($29.99, ae.com). Not only will they show off your legs, they’ll also make a perfect pairing with a crop top.

Forever 21 Rosy Posy romper

3. Forever 21 Rosy Posy romper in red/fuchsia ($19.80, forever21.com). With this breezy and bright choice, there’s no doubt you’ll stand out in a crowd.

Victoria’s Secret maxi tank dress

4. Victoria’s Secret maxi tank dress ($49.50, victoriassecret.com). Flowy and casual, the two musts for great concert style.


Chuck Taylor All Star

5. Chuck Taylor All Star ($46, converse.com). You can’t go wrong with a classic, especially when it’ll keep your feet comfortable rain or shine.

Madden Girl epcott in tan Paris

6. Madden Girl Epcott in tan Paris ($39.96, zappos.com). They’ll give you a boost to see over the crowd, without killing your feet like a pair of stilettos.

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