13 Summer Hair Care Myths Debunked

Will lemon juice really lighten your hair? Does hair color fade faster in the summer? The answers to these summer hair care myths are finally revealed!
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10. Myth or Truth: You should always go lighter when coloring your hair in the summer?

Myth: There isn’t a set rule any more; it’s really up to the individual.

11. Myth or Truth: Do detanglers really work, or do they coat your hair with something weird?As an example, April sprays a lot on her daughter’s hair after she comes out of the pool. While it does detangle, she feels that it leaves a weird coating on her. Is it the conditioner or the chemicals in the pool?

Truth: Detanglers and leave-in conditioners do work, but the waxy-feeling is from the product.

12. Myth or Truth: Do some hair colors, like red, fade faster in the summer time?

Truth: Reds are the hardest color to keep from fading any time of the year. The summer sun does make them fade faster.

13. Myth or Truth: Is frizz caused by the weather, the sun, the heat or is it just because your hair is dry and damaged?

Truth: All of the above factors are the reason why hair frizzes.


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    Applying Gloss treatment on hair harms is also myth which I found wrong .I have applied Gloss treatment on my hair especially for Summer damage which undos all my hair damages and keeps my hair healthy and smooth . You can get more hair products at http://bit.ly/1kqkev9

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