15 Small Things Guys Do That Make Them Sexier

Sometimes it's the little things that make us want to jump their bones.
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15 Small Things Guys Do That Make Them Sexier

Sometimes it’s the little things that make us want to jump their bones.

-Brooke Sager

Things guys do that make them sexier

Recently, we established that there are some weird things guys do that really turn us off, like talking too dirty or comparing us to their exes. But obviously men don’t do everything wrong because we still love them, don’t we? We have to give them credit—there are plenty of little things guys do that make them totally irresistible.

With that, we present fifteen small but sexy things about guys that have us falling head over high-heels…and keep us coming back for more.

1. They do things they’re passionate about. Maybe he’s kayaked every river in the northeast. Perhaps he religiously attends Red Sox games, or maybe he would drop anything to go antique hunting. Whatever his passion may be, we love it when a guy loves something.

2. They can drive a stick shift. It’s not about whether he drives a Civic or a Maserati. But a guy who can operate a manual car? Now that’s hot! What can we say—there’s something about him manning the clutch and the shift knob of his car that really gets us going.

3. They can cook. We’re not sure what’s more delicious: his poached salmon dish paired with homemade gruyere potatoes, or him, because he cooked it himself.

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4. They love animals. It’s sexy when even the manliest of men has a soft spot. The equation is simple: If Fido sleeps at the foot of his bed or he calls the cat up to sit on his lap, we write ‘keeper’ next to his name in our Little Black Book. (Our hypothetical LBB, of course…)

5. They have guy’s night. Yes, you read this correctly. A guy who plays poker, watches football or grabs a beer with his buddies is a normal, healthy male. Believe it or not, we don’t want him blowing off his friends for us every night—that’s what we call a stage five clinger.

6. …And leave us alone on girl’s night. When a guy can leave our side for the night and say, “Have fun with the girls, I’ll call you tomorrow,” we know he’s confident in himself and the relationship. And confidence is soooo sexy.

7. They stay fit and healthy. No, we’re not saying that guys with eight-pack abs are the only ones up for consideration. But, no guy can care for a girl unless he also cares for himself. So yes, it’s attractive when a man regularly hits the gym, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t chow down on Five Guys Burgers five nights a week.

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