18 Things Justin Bieber Can Do Now That He's 18

Justin Bieber? 18? What? Ack! Anyway, here are the things he can do now that he's legal. Par-tay!

18 Things Justin Bieber Can Do Now That He’s 18

Justin Bieber? 18? What? Ack! Anyway, here are the things he can do now that he’s legal. Par-tay!

-Lucia Peters

Justin Bieber

In case you missed the memo, teen pop sensation Justin Bieber turned 18 yesterday. 18! He is now legal! That is terrifying! Almost as terrifying as Dakota Fanning turning 18!

Anyway, our feelings of “oh god, we’re getting old!” aside, 18 is an exciting age to turn in the United States. There are many things, both good and bad, that the Biebs can legally do now without parental consent. What things, you ask? We’ve rounded up 18 of them. Ready to head down the rabbit hole? Here we go!

1. He can buy lottery tickets.

2. He can buy cigarettes. Hopefully he won’t—he IS a singer, after all—but he could.

3. He can buy porn. Not that someone as wholesome as the Biebs would EVER do that…

4. He can now drive with passengers under the age of 20 in his car with him.

5. He can also now drive between 11pm and 5am. Technically, if he got his license right when he turned 16, he’s already been able to do these two things since his 17th birthday—but now that he’s 18 in California, the provisional part of his license is officially over, so in any event, that’s cause for celebration. These two things will be especially useful, given that he got a Fisker Karma for his birthday—the ultimate in hybrid luxury sports sedans. Fancy!

6. He can now be tried as an adult in a court of law. So watch yourself, Biebs.

7. He can vote!

8. He’s reached the age of consent. Given that girlfriend Selena Gomez is 19, this means that he can now legally get it on with her. Maybe he should take a lesson in safe sex from Zac Efron first, though? Just in case?

9. Speaking of, he can also get married without parental consent.

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10. Technically, since he’s now a legal adult, I guess that means that he can stay up way past his bedtime with no major repercussions. Not that he wasn’t already doing that or anything. Bring on the slumber party!

11. He can gamble. Time to hit up the casinos?

12. He can legally buy a rifle or a shotgunbut not a handgun. Does this seem weird to anyone else? 18-year-olds can purchase big guns, but not small guns? Is it because the small guns are easy to hide on your person, whereas it’s difficult to conceal a rifle on a tiny 18-year-old body?

13. He can work without a Work Permit. (Presumably, he had one up until now.)

14. He can rent an apartment. Not that he needs to, given that he’s planning on buying not one, but two brand-spanking-new mega-mansions, but you know, whatever. Just in case.

15. He can go skydiving. Wooooo!

16. He can join the army.

17. Speaking of the army, if we still had the draft, he could get drafted, but thankfully we don’t.

18. He can serve alcohol, but only in a bonafide eating place. Obviously he still can’t actually drink it.

Happy (slightly belated) birthday, Biebs!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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2 thoughts on “18 Things Justin Bieber Can Do Now That He's 18

  1. I thought that he’s a Canadian, in which case he couldn’t be drafted here even if the draft still existed. But maybe I’m wrong about his citizenship.

    In California, he can now get a tattoo or get a body piercing without parental consent …

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