2 Fall Foods Your Skin LOVES (Or: Why Cinderella Should Have Eaten that Pumpkin)

Pumpkin and apple are great for you -- and your beautiful skin!
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You know the saying — an apple a day! Apples are actually pretty incredible; according to the Whole Foods blog, they’re rich in something called apple polyphenols. Without getting too technical, what that means is that they’re bursting with antioxidants — good for your heart, you whole body, and your skin! Plus, says Whole Foods, phytonutrients in apples can help you regulate your blood sugar. And, even though they’re not super high in fiber, “recent research has shown that intake of apples in their whole food form can significantly lower many of our blood fats.” Amazing!

One of my favorite snacks is sliced apples with either low-fat cheese or peanut butter — the double whammy of fiber and protein and a little bit of fat is really satisfying, and the sweetness helps stave off my mid-afternoon chocolate craving.

Autumn is also the time of year when apple cider is extra tempting — just remember that drinking your fruits and veggies packs in a lot more calories and sugar than eating them whole (and leaves out most of the fiber!).

Sliced apples are a yummy addition to a ton of dishes — from salads to your morning granola or yogurt. One of my favorite restaurants serves an out-of-this world omelet with apples, butternut squash and a little cheese. To die for!

And, of course, apples are the backbone of many a delish dessert — I’m partial to apple pie, myself. I don’t even use a recipe! I either buy a double piecrust OR use this really easy recipe from SmittenKitchen.com.

Then, I just peel and chop up about 5-6 big apples (I like to mix Granny Smith and a sweeter variety, like Honeycrisp), mix them in a big bowl with a little bit of brown sugar (I like about half a cup; my husband always tries to get me to put less!), a generous amount of cinnamon, a few squeezes of fresh lemon juice, and maybe 2 teaspoons of flour (to help thicken it up). You can also throw in a tablespoon of butter (totally optional). Throw it in one piecrust, cover with the other, and toss it in the oven for about 50 minutes!

By incorporating foods like apples and pumpkins into your diet and ensuring you have a trusted daily skincare routine, you can improve you skin health, even throughout the tricky cold weather seasons. Of course, using great skin care products – like Simple Skincare’s Moisturizing Facial Wash and Vital Vitamin Daycream (SPF 15) is also a must to help out those apples and pumpkins!

FTC Full Disclosure: April Daniels Hussar is BettyConfidential’s Editorial Director and is a brand ambassador for Simple® Skincare. The views and opinions in this post are her own; visit www.facebook.com/SimpleSkincare to share your story on sensitive skin.

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