20 Crazy New York Comic Con Costumes

New York Comic Con Brought together dozens of zombies, Captain Americas, Spiderman and other wild beings.
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11. Werewolves


Where’s Jacob?

12. Ghost Buster

ghost buster

“Who are you gonna call?”

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13. Spiderman


Just hanging out.

14. Star Wars

star wars kids

Awww, the cutest kids at the Con!

15. Captain America

captain america

Gratuitous butt shot.

16. Cyborg


Followed by gratuitous half-naked guy shot.

17. Robot


Just another day at the office.

18. Dr Who

sonic screwdrivers

Oh please, phasers are so 23rd century. We’ve got sonic screwdrivers!

19. Rainbow Brite

rainbow brite

Looks like someone forgot breakfast this morning.

20. Zombies


“Brains! Brains!”

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