20 Girl Things I Never Knew In My 20s

Why couldn't I have learned these valuable lessons sooner?
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20 Girl Things I Never Knew In My 20s

 Why couldn’t I have learned these valuable lessons sooner?

-Carla Smith, DivineCaroline.com

Three female friends

1. That someday your prince will come but that is so not the end of the story. Happily ever after does exist but is another quest with different courage requirements.

2. That your intuition and instincts need to be nurtured and can be trusted. They are a millenia of wisdom gifted in genetics created just for you. Trust your gut and ask lots of questions.

3. That childbirth is not the intimate place you dream of. It’s you at your animal best/worst. Consider reinstating The Red Tent. Really.

4. Childbirth changes things. Especially sex. Not permanently, maybe, but they will change for enough reasons that warrant an entire post of its own.

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5. That the physical pain of child birth will rip you apart and feel like a Mack truck ploughing through your vagina, crushing your pelvic bones.

6. That the physical pain of childbirth will be more than matched in intensity by the ferocious love and mother bear protection borne that day and will surprise even you. That raising children will be the most difficult thing you will ever do and one thing you will never regret. One great adventure.

7. That having periods kind of sucks – forever.

8. That not having periods sucks more. There’s just something about fertility.

9. That taking a pill that messes with your hormones is constantly more than a little concerning.

10. That not taking that pill is way more concerning. (The Catholic Church will never tell you that.)

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