20 Most Amazeballs Women of 2010

These 20 powerful ladies shocked, inspired, and enthralled us over the past twelve months. Simply put, they are amazeballs, and here's why...
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11. Snooki


Oh yes we did! Snooki’s the pint-sized reality star who became a giant presence in Hollywood, thanks to her humorous antics on Jersey Shore. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi both fascinates us and terrifies us at the same time — in 2010, she made a lucrative career out of being a pickle-eating, spray-tanned, “juice head” loving “guidette” with a commercial spot for Wonderful Pistachios, a book deal, and an unflattering appearance on South Park. What scares us? She’s influencing younger generations to act and look just like her, one “smush” at a time.

12. Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour

Veteran broadcast journalist Christiane Amanpour took over This Week, ABC’s Sunday morning news program, earlier this year. After nearly 30 years as an international reporter with CNN, Amanpour made her way into the Sunday morning boys’ club, bringing with her a worldly perspective that was missing from the insider-dominated weekend news programs. This Week has struggled in the ratings game since Amanpour took over, but we commend her innovative approach to the stuffy program – not to mention the fact that, thanks to her and Diane Sawyer, women have taken over at ABC News.

13. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Not many people have the guts to write songs about their exes … and then completely own up to it when cornered by a sneaky journalist. Taylor Swift is the modest girl’s Alanis Morissette. Of course by this we mean that you’d never hear the word “bitch” fall from Taylor’s lips. She is graceful yet goofy, intelligent without being arrogant, and talented enough to hold the title of youngest-ever Entertainer of the Year! If you still aren’t impressed by the country star who taught herself to play 12-string guitar before most of us purchased our first bra, then you haven’t been paying enough attention.

14. Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren

Russell Brand gave her a pair of his panties, Bruce Willis gave her a hanky… men just fall over the aptly-named Helen. This supremely sexy actress stole the screen from Willis, John Malkovich and company in RED and the audience loved her for it. While she wasn’t dressed like a sex kitten in the flick, she oozed sex appeal. Helen has won an Academy Award (The Queen), four SAG awards, four BAFTAs, three Golden Globes, four Emmys and two Cannes Film Festival Best Actress awards. She’s a huge sex symbol and she’s in her mid-60s! Helen is cerebral, funny and an all-around class act. Who wouldn’t want to emulate her panache?

15. Lady Gaga

Lady GAga

Lady Gaga’s fans range from Elton John to Marilyn Manson. She has the proverbial balls to wear a meat dress to a glitzy awards show. On any given day, she will happily strap on a pair of sky-high heels and strut through the doors at LAX. This woman is a walking performance piece, and we love her dearly for it. Plus, Gaga made Forbes’ list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women, and she is launching a fragrance line called “Monster” in 2012. Need we say more?

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0 thoughts on “20 Most Amazeballs Women of 2010

  1. Hello! I was disappointed by the list. There are really no real “heroines” here. One woman is just courageous because she “had the guts to cut her hair”? Another woman was cheated on and “survived”? Thousands have to deal with this in the world! Another got to date a prince?..what

  2. Betty White, most certainly for all the work she does for animals. Sandra Bullock? Okay I’ll go that far. Missy Obama and Sarah “kill everything she can” Palin? No way in hell! Are you out of your noodle? Missy hasn’t done a damn thing yet but waste our money on expensive new clothes and I don’t have to admit Palin is amazeballs” because she purely isn’t. How dare you feature that braindead sorry excuse for a woman next to Betty White! You need to learn the difference between a class act…and a clown act. Shameful article on the whole.

  3. Have to love Helen, Bulluck, Fey, sweet Swift, Tavi, Simpson and Princess Middleton! Know I’ll get bashed but soo over Oprah! She’s seriously her own ‘god’ and kind of a circus performer. Anyways, though I don’t agree with all on the list there are many truly amazing ladies on there.

  4. Most of these women are amazing for one reason or another. However I think that we should be promoting who are good rolemodels for the next generation of amazing women. Not half-dressed,bigoted,air-headed females who get famous for making sex tapes or drinking and fighting thier way to stardom. Just my opinion.

  5. “O’Donnell, 41, is undoubtedly the most extraordinary candidate for the Senate ever fielded by a major party. But the 30-year-old Delaware Republican . . . .”

    So she’s age 41 and she’s age 30? Wow.

    Anyway, I’m shocked that you don’t think (sorry, “feel”) that Barack Hussein Obama was the most extraordinary candidate for the Senate ever fielded by a major party.

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