25 Things About 'Beautiful Creatures' Star Alice Englert

Did you know that Alice Englert would eat beef-flavored two-minute noodles for the rest of her life? Here are 25 fast facts about the 'Beautiful Creatures' star.
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Alice Englert ELle Fanning Ginger and Rosa11. Sally Potter, the director of Ginger & Rosa, discovered Englert in a rather unusual way. The actress told View London, “She saw me in an audition where I was beating up a police officer. That was the audition she saw me in and thought, ‘Shit, this girl could be in 1960s London.’ That’s what I heard when I first got the script.” Remind us to never get on her bad side!

12. Though many know her for her role as Lena Duchannes in the big-budget Southern Gothic that is Beautiful Creatures, Englert also stars in two other films this year: Singularity, an 18th-century adventure-romance, and In Fear, a bone-chilling thriller.

13. The on-screen Caster keeps an open mind when it comes to the world of magic. She explained to Teen.com, “My opinion on the magic sort of thing is that you see what you want to believe, and I think the more you want to believe, the more you see. I don’t know where the reality of the truth is. It’s somewhere and I’m always curious. I love seeing different perspectives.

14. You won’t find this teen on Facebook! Though it’s become known as a favorite procrastination tool among young people, Englert deleted her account. She told Oyster Magazine, “I wasn’t getting anything out of it. I email the people I really care about, and I phone them, and I actually make the effort. I also don’t think it’s romantic to ask someone for their name and then look them up on Facebook.”

15. The music-loving starlet is a big fan of Luciano Pavarotti, who was a famed Italian operatic tenor.

Above: Alice with Elle Fanning in ‘Ginger & Rosa.’

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