How to Look Fabulous in Photos: Pro Tips from Alain Martinez, Brad Johns + More!

Thanks to these pro tips from photographer Alain Martinez, makeup artist Carmindy, stylist and blogger Felix Mercado, and hairstylist Brad Johns, you'll never take a bad photo agai
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The (Fierce and Fabulous) Stylist to the Stars: Felix Mercado

According to celebrity fashion stylist and blogger Felix Mercado, what you wear in photos is just as important as how you pose. He notes, “Feeling confident, but most important know which side is your best side has you halfway there. Since most ‘real people’ don’t have the experience on how to pull off the perfect look or pose, taking cues from what celebs are doing in your favorite magazines is a good start to taking the perfect picture.” He continues, “Practice posing in front of a full-length mirror at home, then ask a friend to be your photographer and snap a few pics until you’re happy. Practice makes perfect!”

His top piece of advice is all about clothes that fit. “Tight is not stylish, fitted is! So take some time to get to know your body and ask a style expert, like me, for their most honest opinion,” he says. Final words? “Please please please, do not confuse the sales person at your favorite department store for a stylist! They work on commission… We don’t!”

The Celebrity Photographer: Alain Martinez

Alain Martinez is one of the most sought-after photographers on the east coast. Getting him is like a Major Score (with capital letters!), not just stateside but also around the world. If you’re getting married and you want those pics to look like a Vanity Fair spread, you call Alain. Lucky for me, we know each other from the Miami circles we both run in, and I have had the good fortune of having him photograph me. While he has certainly seen no shortage of beautiful women around the world, he also photographs non-model and industry types all the time. Alain’s biggest piece of advice is to pose naturally. “The most flattering pose is when you are not posing at all,” he comments. “I mean it! I usually have people engage in a series of movements that breaks their ‘posing’ mentality. They are moving and I’m constantly shooting. Most of the shots won’t work, but that one shot with the hair moving in the right place and the body curved the right way will be the most natural shot—and the one that’s impossible to pose.” He also says that we often wear things that we don’t feel comfortable in and that flows through to the photograph. “Everyone looks more beautiful when they’re happy with where they are.” Indeed!

And there you have it. And to prove a point, the image in this article is me photographed by Alain Martinez. The advice works.

You are so ready for a fabulous new photo of yourself!

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