9 Pop Culture Love Lessons to Unlearn

From Disney movies to Sleepless in Seattle, Hollywood has taught us plenty of lessons about romance we need to unlearn.
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Jerry Maguire1. Jerry Maguire

The whole “You complete me/You had me at hello” scene in “Jerry Maguire” is a big old lesson in what not to believe about relationships. First of all, Tom Cruise’s Jerry was a pretty crappy husband, so Renee’s Dorothy definitely needed more than “Hello” as an explanation. Plus, the whole idea of completing another person isn’t exactly healthy. As YouBeauty Relationship Expert David Sbarra, Ph.D., says, “We get messages about happy endings, soul mates and destiny. In this way, pop culture ideas—while fun to engage in and with for a bit—can cast a huge shadow over real-life relationships.”





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