'Switched at Birth' Star Vanessa Marano Talks Bay, Boys + More!

Vanessa Marano gives us the scoop on Bay, guilty pleasures, and her ultimate dream role!
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BC: How hard is it to sign while acting?

VM: Very difficult, but I’m getting better at it. I’m essentially doing three things at once: walking, talking, and signing. Usually, I have trouble doing two things at once!

BC: Which actor would you most want to work with?

VM: There are so many talented actors out there, and I’ve never really given it a thought. I’d like Bay to date a super nerdy guy. Do you know of any super nerdy actors?

BC: I’m blanking out. Hmm… what about Adam Brody?

VM: Yeah, that’s the type of guy. I think he’s a little old for me, though!

BC: Adam aside, what are your guilty pleasures?

VM: I’m a musical nerd, so that’s a big one. I saw Les Mis three times in theaters.

BC: You have a sister in real life, who’s also an actress. Do you ever feel competitive with her?

VM: Not at all. We’ve been doing this for 12 years, and it’s so nice to have someone who gets it. She’s my best friend.

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BC: Do you have any funny stories from the set?

VM: Oh, a lot of different ones! This one time, we were shooting a scene where Bay is kind of being bratty to her father [played by Gilles Marini]. The director wanted me to eat sushi and say my lines, so I had to swallow really fast. I was eating so much of it that everyone was convinced I was going to throw up. Finally, during my close up, Gilles just starts laughing hysterically. He couldn’t stop!

BC: You’re going to star in Restless Virgins on Lifetime. What drew you to the script?

VM: It’s an incredibly well-written script. It’s very different from the tone of Switched at Birth, and I thought it was time to shake things up a little.

BC: How does your character in the movie compare to Bay?

VM: Bay is someone who grew up well-off and privileged. Emily didn’t –she went to a prep school with rich kids and was never popular. She wants to take down the system, whereas Bay is simultaneously part of that system and an outsider.

BC: What else have you been up to?

VM: I’m an ambassador for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, which works to cure spinal cord injury.

BC: You’ve wanted to be an actress for most of your life. What would be your ultimate dream role and why?

VM: I believe in just working. Consistently working is my dream, whether it’s television, theatre, or movies. As an actor, I love theatre. It’s a big passion of mine and anything in it would be a dream role.

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