'The Carrie Diaries' Star Katie Findlay Talks Maggie, Style Mishaps + More!

Katie Findlay gave us the scoop on '80s style, hilarious stories from the set, and what the future might bring for Maggie.
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BC: How does Maggie’s personality compare to your own?

KF: Our humor is similar, but our goals and problem solving skills are totally different. Maggie jumps straight into big messes and situations. And I’d never wear pants that tight.

BC: What are a few of your biggest fashion mishaps?

KF: I wore a lot of electric blue eyeliner in high school. I also had a weird cocker spaniel haircut –it kind of looked like Violet’s curtain hair from The Incredibles, but bigger and frizzier.

BC: How does your personal style compare to Maggie’s?

KF: Totally different. Her style is like ’80s Malibu Barbie without a budget. My style is more…well, if Catwoman and a 15-year-old boy had a baby. Just picture it.

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BC: What do you believe is the biggest hurdle Maggie is facing?

KF: Her lack of self-worth. No one taught her how to take care of herself and she always needs everyone on her side. Maggie is very emotional, but kind.

BC: Do you think she’ll manage to get it together?

KF: I think she has miles to go. She’s at that point now where you realize something isn’t right and hasn’t been right for a long time. Yes, she’s smart and tough, but I have no idea which direction she’ll go in. She has the potential to come out of it on the other side fabulously, which is what I’m hoping for her.

BC: It’s definitely a long way off, but where do you see Maggie 10 years from now?

KF: That’s a really tough one for me. She could be off doing something amazing or get stuck in Connecticut –it can really go either way.

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