Hint, Hint! 10 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 Women Actually Want

Is your guy having a little trouble finding something for you for Valentine's Day? Nudge him in the right direction with this handy gift guide!
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V Day under 1002

6. Emily peplum midi dress ($40, boohoo.com). Some things, you need to see to believe. A dress for $40 that looks like it cost far more is one of them. We went crazy for the quality, the color and the cut of this dress. It’s definitely everyone’s new best (sexy) friend.

7. Love necklace ($25, glitterings.com). This mini Love necklace is cute and sparkly without going over the top. If diamonds aren’t in the budget this February, it’s all good.

8. Trixie bag ($78, oliviaandjoy.com). Every girl needs a fab little hot pink bag that works in every season. Say hello to the Trixie cross body bag! Bonus: The strap is removable. Love!

9. Sexy Truth or Dare Pick-A-Stick game ($14.95, papyrusonline.com). Remember that game? Kick it old school in the bedroom by picking from over 50 sticks to reveal a sexy truth or give into a dirty dare. It could be really hot, or it could go horribly wrong… but I say hot. And it’ll only cost you $14.95!

10. Colorful stone cuff ($52, amoriumjewelry.com). Called the Colorful Cuff, this is the type of jewelry chicks love and most guys never buy. Take note, fellas: For $52, you can make her very happy. Trust me.

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