Video: Emma Watson Embraces Her Inner Bad Girl in 'The Bling Ring' Teaser

The first trailer for 'The Bling Ring' has dropped-and boy, does Emma Watson look like she's having fun playing the bad girl!

Video: Emma Watson Embraces Her Inner Bad Girl in ‘The Bling Ring’ Teaser

The first trailer for ‘The Bling Ring’ has dropped—and boy, does Emma Watson look like she’s having fun playing the bad girl!

-Lucia Peters

Emma Watson Bling Ring

We’ve seen her as a fashion icon; we’ve seen her as trying to pull a wallflower out of his shell; we’ve seen her (of course) as Hermione Granger—and now we get to see her as the bad girl!

The first teaser trailer dropped at the end of last week for The Bling Ring, which you’ve no doubt been hearing about since the first images of star Emma Watson on set in nothing more than short shorts, heels, a bra top, and a leather jacket emerged. A fictionalized account of the group of teens who perpetrated robberies of numerous celebrities from 2008 to 2009, The Bling Ring is directed by Sofia Coppoloa and due for release on June 14. Check it out:

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Co-starring American Horror Story’s Taissa Farmiga as one of the other members of the group and Leslie Mann as Emma’s mom, the film also features a cameo by Paris Hilton, who was hit by the Bling Ring a whopping five times (because, they said, they figured she was “dumb”). Knowing Sofia Coppola, it’ll probably be pretty stylized and fantastical, even though it’s based on true events (Marie Antoinette was, too, and we all know how that turned out); it’s also pretty hard to tell how the film’s story will actually be told, as what we’re given here is essentially a 60-second music video. Sofia has never managed to recapture quite the same success she had with Lost in Translation, but maybe this one, with the accessibility of its story and bankability of its stars, will be the one to help her do that.

Emma, meanwhile, has been choosing her roles pretty carefully post-Potter, and this is a hat we haven’t seen her wear before. Will she be able to pull it off? We shall see!

For the curious, here’s what the real Bling Ring looks like:

Bling Ring

Tell us: What do you think of Emma’s bad girl turn in The Bling Ring?

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