'The Lying Game' Stars Dish On Boys, Style + Tonight's Scandalous Season Finale

We chatted with Alexandra Chando and Allie Gonino about season finale surprises, cute actors, memorable on-set moments, and what you'll catch them in next!
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Betty Confidential: Were you shocked when you first read through the script for tonight’s big finale?

Alexandra Chando: I was! After I read it, I was really surprised and really excited. I think there was a great twist and there’s going to be a really good cliffhanger.

Allie Gonino: Ultimately yes, but kind of also no; the end of the episode is rather shocking. Initially when reading it, it was a huge surprise. But as I’ve been watching the second season, it’s been so interesting knowing how it ends. It’s definitely going to leave people wanting more.

BC: Can you share any finale details with us?

AC: More will be explored about Theresa’s death. She was found in the pool in the last episode and we’re going to get some answers. And there’s going to be an interesting shift in Ethan’s feelings and how he’s dealing with things, so that’s something really different that we’ll get to see.

AG: I know Laurel, Emma, and Sutton get together and are hotly pursuing finding out who killed Theresa. There’s a television news clip that Ethan and Dan are on that leads them to a clue that can help them solve the mystery and there’s a big, huge, crazy thing that happens at a memorial for Theresa, but I’m not allowed to tell you what that is!

BC: Will what goes down in the finale have a big impact on your character(s)?

AC: Absolutely! I definitely think it’ll be a game changer.

AG: Probably not on Laurel, but it’ll have a big impact on the twins.

BC: How does/do your character(s) compare to you?

AC: Emma is very loyal and looks out for everyone she loves –she always has their best interests at heart and I feel like I am that way. As far as Sutton goes, I try to give her a certain strength, where her bitchiness isn’t coming from a malicious place. I try to bring a lot of my own strength into her character.

AG: We’re both pretty open-minded and have a huge tolerance for drama. At the same time, we don’t let the drama overwhelm us. Laurel stays very true to her morals and I do that as well, as best I can. We’re both musicians, so we’re both sort of used to dealing with different energies and dynamics and having to take things as they come.

BC: What’s the most challenging part about your role(s)?

AC: It’s become significantly easier as time has gone on, just because I know these girls so well now. But it’s difficult when there’s a couple of scenes a day when I’m both Emma and Sutton; the transition is so fast that it becomes difficult to make that switch right away.

AG: Honestly, just trusting that I know what I’m doing. With movies, you know the arc of the character; you know how your character starts out and where she ends up and you have more information to play with. The most challenging part about playing Laurel is not knowing how she turns out, so I’m just trusting my instincts. I just don’t want her to turn out jaded. With all these crazy things that happen and all of the things that she finds out, I definitely don’t want her to become someone who manipulates other people; I want her to stay true to herself and be honest. Staying true to yourself and letting go of the past allows you to live in the present.

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