'The Lying Game' Stars Dish On Boys, Style + Tonight's Scandalous Season Finale

We chatted with Alexandra Chando and Allie Gonino about season finale surprises, cute actors, memorable on-set moments, and what you'll catch them in next!
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Twins Lying Game

BC: If you had to choose a favorite twin, would you pick Emma or Sutton?

AC: I like them both equally. I think both girls bring something really interesting to the table, but Sutton has some good one-liners.

AG: I honestly don’t think I can pick quite yet; I’m still getting to know them! Up front, Emma is more polite and respectful, but I also think that Sutton just needs to be instilled with some life skills. I don’t think she’s a lost cause, but I do think she needs to open herself up to learning. One of the things we can’t forget is that every human being has that sort of unknown side and I think Sutton is more confident about showing it. She isn’t afraid to come off as “evil”, but I don’t think we should write her off just yet.

BC: Do you have any memorable on-set moments from season 2?

AC: It’s hard to pick just one moment because the cast gets along so well! We all stayed out one night –we were in Austin in the summer – and got attacked by bugs. We had to film the next day, and it was disastrous –a doctor even had to come to the set. I’m originally from the East Coast, so I was clearly out of my element.

AG: There were so many crazy things that happened, but I personally like one of the scenes that’ll air tonight. It was a fun one to shoot, because basically everyone in the cast and a bunch of extras were there and it was a really long day, but it felt like one big party. People came and watched, and the big moment that I can’t tell you about happened.

BC: Is there an actor you’d want to play a future on-screen boyfriend?

AC: Oh, god! There are so many, but I think I’d bring on an older guy to play Sutton’s boyfriend. I think that’d be an interesting dynamic.

AG: Can you get Johnny Depp on the phone? He would be awesome to work with, but for Laurel I would like someone like Jesse Eisenberg because he’s entertaining and funny and I think he and Laurel would have fun.

BC: If you could give your teenage self one piece of advice, what would it be and why?

AC: That there will definitely be some challenges in the future, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

AG: Don’t stop taking ballet class! I don’t dance as much as I used to and I wish that I did. There’s nothing stopping me from doing it, but breaking that regimen, that pattern that I had going makes it harder.

BC: What do you hope young women watching the show learn from your character(s)?

AC: They can learn a lot from both of them. Sutton certainly has drive and I think that’s a great quality. Emma doesn’t take things for granted and really cares about people; family means a lot to her and that’s something young people can learn from. And persistence: The two of them have been so persistent in trying to find their birth mother and putting their family back together.

AG: Well, I think she’s a really good sister. The thing I like most about Laurel is that she doesn’t totally and completely write Sutton or Emma off. Anyone watching the show would immediately think that Sutton is a crazy biatch, but Laurel’s been there for her and I think Sutton needs to learn from both Emma and Laurel how to appreciate what she has a little bit better. I hope that young women also take the time to recognize and be thankful for what they have.

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