'The Lying Game' Stars Dish On Boys, Style + Tonight's Scandalous Season Finale

We chatted with Alexandra Chando and Allie Gonino about season finale surprises, cute actors, memorable on-set moments, and what you'll catch them in next!
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Lying Game style

BC: What would you say is your favorite part about Laurel’s/Emma and Sutton’s style?

AC: Sutton’s style this year was really fun. Mimi, our costume designer, and I kind of collaborated and put together Sutton’s style, which you can see is the cutoff shorts, silky button down top tucked in, and 10-inch heels. That’s her go-to and it’s really fashion forward but still a bit casual. Both Emma and Sutton have great style and it’s always fun to create outfits and accessorize.

AG: My favorite part about wearing Laurel’s clothes is that they’re very girly. She’s always very girly and I feel that Mimi does an excellent job of dressing me and choosing things that flatter my figure, which usually means something that cinches at the waist. I have a tiny waist and a big booty, so I’m usually in A-line dresses and it’s very flirty. I like that her style is flirty and fun.

BC: How does it compare to your own style?

AC: When I’m not working, I’m more of a jeans-and-a-tee kind of girl, and you don’t usually catch those girls in jeans and a T-shirt. I’ve taken some ideas from Sutton’s wardrobe, but they’re a lot more put together than I am on a random Tuesday afternoon!

AG: I definitely have my flirty side, but there are times when I’ll wear a big sweater and throw on some boots. My style is definitely evolving, and I feel like I’ve been in a casual period for a while. Before The Lying Game, I was focusing on music, so it was more experimental and maybe it’ll have that direction again at one point but I’m putting my comfort first right now.

BC: Do you have any beauty secrets from the set to share with us?

AC: I have makeup on my face 16 hours a day, so we really try to keep me moisturized in the morning and at night. Sutton and Emma wear different eye makeup, and my eyes are constantly being worked on, so there’s this great hydrating under-eye cream we found. We also use the Armani ‘Maestro’ foundation because it’s lighter but provides full coverage –it’s incredible.

AG: I’m so bad about paying attention to makeup because when I’m getting it done, I’m usually thinking about a million different things! I think one of my best beauty tricks –and this isn’t exactly a secret—is drinking lots of water. It keeps me looking fresh and ready for the day.

BC: Allie, we know you’re in an awesome band called The Good Mad, which has made appearances on The Lying Game. Do you think it’ll be featured more on the show next season?

AG: I actually have no idea! It’s possible, but I also think Laurel’s career might go in the solo direction. But right now, they haven’t even told us if we’re getting picked up for another season.

BC: What should we keep an eye out for from you next?

AC: Well hopefully, you’ll be seeing more episodes of The Lying Game. And I did a film that’s still in the post production process called Construction. Working on The Lying Game is definitely all-encompassing, so that rules my life right now.

AG: Within the next week or so, The Good Mad is releasing an EP called Strangeworthy and it’s going to be all of our music that was featured on The Lying Game. I also did something last summer called the Geography Club, and we got picked up for distribution, which is great. It was an unforgettable experience and I had so much fun making it.

Catch The Lying Game‘s season finale tonight at 9/8c on ABC Family!

Diana Denza is BettyConfidential’s contributing editor.

Photos courtesy of ABC Family. 

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