What's On Kim Kardashian's Baby Registry? (Plus, Things We Think She Should Add)

Are you dying to know what Kim Kardashian has on her baby registry? Probably not, but here's some intel about it anyway-plus a few additions from us.

What’s On Kim Kardashian’s Baby Registry? (Plus, Things We Think She Should Add)

Are you dying to know what Kim Kardashian has on her baby registry? Probably not, but here’s some intel about it anyway—plus a few additions from us.

-Lucia Peters

Kim Kardashian

Because of course you must be DYING to know what Kim Kardashian has on her baby registry (note the dripping sarcasm), here’s a little tidbit for you: According to People, Kim stopped in at high-end baby boutique Bel Bambini last week to register her and Kanye’s impending little one and do a little preliminary shopping. Khloe and Kourtney came along while Kim scoped out things like a Stokke Sleepi crib and baby clothes—LOTS of baby clothes—from Baby Dior, Fendi, Chloe, and Roberto Cavalli (said an onlooker, “[She] mainly [looked] at simple clothing, nothing too girl”).

I’ll confess that I’ve never understood the point of designer baby clothes. First off, babies are messy—if they’re going to throw up on everything, it’s probably better that they be wearing something that can withstand the mess—and second off, they grow SO. FAST. That adorable little Baby Dior onesie you just bought for your two-month-old? She’ll be too big for it by the time she’s three months. Just sayin’.

Admittedly Kim has more than enough disposable income to… well, maybe not justify, but at least be able to afford super expensive baby clothes. But it still seems a little bit wasteful when you know that you’re probably going to be revamping your kids entire wardrobe every couple of months. I would, at least, understand wanting to get a high-end crib or stroller or whatever; these kinds of items tend to be useful for a significant amount of time and often have ways to “grow” along with your baby (like the Stokke Sleepi crib, for example).

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Speaking of messes, a large part of me wonders if Kim is, in fact, prepared for how messy babies can be. As such, I’ve come up with a few other things she might want to add to her “I’m Having a Baby!” shopping list:

– A tarp. This 20-by-30-foot blue number should do the trick, although she might want to invest in a few of them so she can cover all that square footage in her brand new baby mansion. You never know—the baby could be a champion projectile vomiter.

– A waterproof poncho. No, Kim, I do not mean this absurdly expensive cashmere poncho. I mean a rain poncho, which you will probably want to don whenever you bathe, change, or feed your baby. No, they are not stylish, but hey, at least you can color-coordinate them with your tarp!

– A diaper pail. We’re not totally sure Kim realizes that babies poop. Those dirty diapers are going to have to go somewhere, and at least this disposal unit is probably snazzy enough for Kim’s chi-chi tastes.

– Air freshener. Because the idea of Kim freaking out about how smelly babies are is a priceless mental image. Make sure it’s safe for baby!

Tell us: What else should Kim add to her baby shopping list?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s senior editor.

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    As well as on the second ahead you’ve kept Puladini.
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    Still let us pay attention to you the proposal to ahead, can you hope which will come Anyone Wen?
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    Coming from Akuiluo : Paasche contains thunder in the palm to mix Wuqiniji, occur from 4-2-4 3-5-2, really does A person Wen sense strategies by the actual complement?
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    Great, all of us once more for the portion which says that restores Puladini.
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    Creates this change achieving bring an impact to Pierluo?
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    In case he cannot climb
    – I could select Pisaluo to exchange, however he will not likely pay a arrange probably. Get Weiladi at first, nevertheless the team which he went to obtaining funds a lot more. On the other hand, if Pierluo can be absent, the following retains Maerjixiao, bidaer [url=http://cheap-nikeshox.webnode.cn]cheap nike shox[/url] and Wu Qini are generally peculiar, the Milan that you just Wen’s term will not likely shed Yi Bahsi gerren like these A few months can be exact same. A person Wen’s solution is greatly, chance foe even now fails to appreciate this.

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    Trend cling to be considered a skill?
    — nonetheless do not declare right now to soon, even now why don’t we seem etc.

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    Can easily Na Youwen find that means nail or perhaps Ou Guan?
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    Should Piyeluo go as well as continue to be?
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    Right now if this should team become this specific look?
    : My partner and i consider since, a person Wen is in created a handful of important along with basic choices. Select a person thoroughly in the market. One time i acquired belittled Andre : Anieli says too much vacant discuss, simply because earn a golf ball,you should be presentation authority. On the other hand he still is carried out well now.

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