Nicki Minaj Designed Couture Outfits… For Her Perfume Bottle?!

Nicki Minaj introduces Couture By Minaj, a series of high fashion outfits... for her Pink Friday perfume bottle. You heard us!
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Couture By Minaj Whip It Like Minaj…And the Whip It Like Minaj outfit, which mimics Nicki’s studded leather look.

We kind of can’t help but wonder if maybe fans would be a little more excited if Couture By Minaj was a line of outfits big enough for, y’know, people instead of perfume bottles; but knowing Nicki, merely designing a clothing line would be too “just like everyone else” for her. Clothing for her PERFUME BOTTLES, though? Perfect! And also probably a little bit more accessible (because really, very few people can pull off Nicki Minaj outfits other than Nicki Minaj), so everyone wins.

The fragrance itself has fruity top notes of starfruit, Italian mandarin, and boysenberry, heart notes of fresh gardenia, lotus flower, and jasmine petals, and a drydown featuring creamy vanilla and carmelized pear. Any British Bettys want to send us some pics of their brand new Couture By Minaj bottles all dressed up? Because we’re dying to see them!

Tell us: Would you buy couture for your fragrance bottles?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s senior editor.

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