25 Things About Jane Levy

How much do you know about 'Suburgatory' and 'Evil Dead' star Jane Levy? Here's everything you need to know about this redheaded up-and-comer!
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Jane Levy Evil Dead poster21. Plus, she loves how different it is from Suburgatory. “I guess that’s my main goal in this industry,” she revealed—“to work on different stuff and to play a wide range of characters.”

22. One of her favorite parts of starting a new job is the initial makeup and hair tests that go along with it. “I’m always campaigning for a new hair color or length—anything to look as different as possible,” she’s said.

23. Parts of the job Jane files under “awesome”: Special effects and makeup. “This role also intrigued me because of how much I will lean [on] technical stuff like special effects. That’s fascinating to me,” she dished. “I had to get my body ‘casted’ [sic] for this role so they can make me prosthetics. That process entailed getting your whole body covered in green goo, like the stuff they put in your mouth for a tooth casting, and then being papier-mached. It was the coolest thing ever.”

24. What’s next for Jane? Well, after Evil Dead opens, Suburgatory’s second season finishes airing on April 17; then she’s on tap for a film called In a Dark Place, about an American governess who travels to London to work for a family who treats a doll as if it were their son. Spooky! It’s due to hit cinemas in 2014.

25. Want a little more Jane in the meantime? She appeared in two films in 2012, Fun Size and Nobody Walks. Nobody Walks is on Netflix Watch Instantly, so go ahead and stream it.

Be sure to catch Jane in all her gory glory in Evil Dead, in cinemas this Friday!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s senior editor.

Above: The most innocuous of the ‘Evil Dead’ posters.

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