Meet Robin Tunney: 10 Fun Facts About 'The Mentalist' Star

Read on for the entertaining deets you should know about this seasoned screen siren.
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6. Unlike a number of Hollywood stars (do we even need to name names?), Tunney works well with others. Of the Mentalist team, she said, “I think everyone’s just happy, and that includes the crew and everybody…I mean, I look at them and I want to laugh! And I really feel warmly toward them. It’s fun.” Aww!

7. On set, Tunney has earned the nickname “Chicken Lady” for the stash of baked chicken she keeps in her trailer. Despite her attempts to keep it healthy, she will sneak in a diet soda when the going gets tough. Shh!

8. Though The Mentalist has surpassed 100 episodes since its debut in 2008, Tunney is taking the show’s success in stride. She explained, “I was just reading about the 300th episode of SVU. That just dwarfs this achievement. Television actors are sort of like athletes. You don’t admire it as much until you do it yourself. You spend your life going, ‘Oh my God, Meryl Streep is so amazing.’ And she is amazing. But Mariska Hargitay is like Muhammad Ali.”

9. Tunney and her family have an especially close relationship with co-star Simon Baker. She told Australian news website, “He’s incredibly sweet to my parents and I’m pretty sure they like him more than me. My dad will call and say ‘you must tell Simon, in tonight’s episode, he took my breath away. The show was amazing’. No mention of me and I’m like, ‘Daaaaaaad’.”

10. Despite their tight-knit friendship, a Tunney/Baker romance isn’t in the works. The actress got engaged to her interior designer boyfriend Nicky Marmet while vacationing in Brazil this past Christmas.

P.S.: The diamond in the engagement ring belonged to his grandmother. How sweet!

P.P.S.: It took two tries for Marmet to get the girl. Tunney had fallen ill before her guy’s first proposal and said she “threw up over his shoulder when he was about to take the ring out.” And with that, we’re convinced he’s a total keeper.

Diana Denza is BettyConfidential’s contributing editor.

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