25 Things About Olga Kurylenko

How much do you know about 'Oblivion' star Olga Kurylenko? Get ready for a crash course!
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Olga Kurylenko Kenzo Amour16. She doesn’t kiss on the first date.

17. Campaigns of which Olga has been the face include Kenzo’s Kenzo Amour fragrance, Bebe, and Helena Rubinstein (among a whole host of others).

18. Her first English language big screen role was Nika Boronina in Hitman opposite Timothy Olyphant. It’s not a great movie (even as video game movies go), but it opened the door for other things—like, for example, the second Daniel Craig James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

19. To prepare to take on the role of Camille Montes in Quantum of Solace, Olga underwent some pretty intense training, including learning how to disassemble a gun in eight seconds. Yowza!

20. Olga is astonishingly good with languages. She learned Hebrew during the two months she spent in Israel filming Kirot; she learned Spanish for another film; and she learned French and English in about six months. She says languages are one of her passions; whenever she goes to a country, she learns how to speak the language.

Above: Olga’s Kenzo Amour campaign.

Up next: Olga using her fame for good and more!

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