25 Things About Anna Faris

Here's everything you need to know about today's hilarious birthday girl, Anna Faris!
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14. She’s a total fitness freak. To lose 10 pounds for The House Bunny, Anna hired a Pilates instructor and ate strictly grilled chicken and steamed vegetables.

15. The world is small, but Hollywood is even smaller: Katharine McPhee and Anna were raised in the same Baltimore neighborhood, but didn’t meet until they were both cast in The House Bunny.

16. The world loves Anna, and so does Cosmo! Cosmopolitan named her “Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Female of the Year” in 2010. I’m sure she was honored.

17. Anna is so scorching hot, Maxim voted her as number 44 on their 2011 “Hot 100” women list.

18. She might not have been number one, but Anna was higher on Maxim’s list than Gabrielle Union, Nicki Minaj, and Miley Cyrus. How’s that for hotness?

19. Timing is crucial in Anna’s world. She is always on time… no matter what.

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House Bunny

Anna in The House Bunny

20. Fictional sorority Zeta Alpha Beta sees Anna as their house mother, but to us, she’s a friend! In the final season of Friends, Anna starred as Erica, the biological mother of Chandler and Monica’s adopted twins.

21. Age is just a number in Hollywood; Anna is two years older than Topher Grace, but still starred as his twin sister in the film Take Me Home Tonight.

22. Her love life shines as bright as the lights on the red carpet. Anna was married to Ben Indra, but divorced him in 2008…

23. …And now, she’s married to actor/hunk Chris Pratt. What a great catch!

24. Movie sets are magical for Anne. She met both Ben and Chris while filming movies.

25. What’s next in Anna Faris’ world? The sequel to Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs… and motherhood! Anna and Chris’s son Jack was born on August 25, 2012. We’re sure he’ll end up being as fabulous as his parents!

Happy birthday, Anna!

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  1. I have already heard something special about Anna Faris. But these 25 facts are really surprising. I think after hearing these facts my respect to Anna Faris increased eventually. Thank you for sharing this post!

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