25 Things About Florence Welch

Did you know Florence Welch sees ghosts? We bet you didn't! Speaking of, here are 25 little-known and super-cool facts about the singer!
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14. Besides being a dedicated singer and musician, Florence also loves to read! One of her favorite books is Nabokov’s Lolita, which she called “mindblowingly, heartbreakingly beautiful.”

15. It turns out that Florence is a big fan of hip hop! She regularly rocks out to both Nicki Minaj and Drake.

16. For inspiration, Florence attends concerts featuring other bands. She told The Vine, “There’s people who watch bands who love and appreciate the music, and there’s people who watch them and they’re like, ‘Fucking get me on a stage right now, I want to do that, that looks like so much fun!’ and that’s me I think.”

17. Her big break was more than a little unconventional: in December 2006, Welch told the Telegraph she became “really drunk” at a club where she ran into popular promoter Mairead Nash in the restroom. She took a huge chance (in typical Flo fashion) and belted out Etta James’ “Something’s Got a Hold on Me”– which helped convince Nash to later be her manager.

18. After the drunken ballad that got her noticed, she left school to devote her time to music.

19. Her band, Florence and the Machine, started out as a schoolgirl collaboration with friend Isabel “Machine” Summers, proving that sometimes, teenage dreams really do come true!

20. It’s clear that this gal rocks! Florence and the Machine’s debut album, Lungs, hit No.1 on the UK charts and received multiple awards, including two prestigious Brit Awards and the Glamour Women Of The Year Award for Best Band.

21. The piece of clothing she can’t do without? Her mother’s debutante chiffon ball gown. It’s not too hard to see why.

22. If she wasn’t a superstar vocalist, Florence would probably be designing the interiors of houses! She told List, “I think if I wasn’t a singer I’d probably be in stage setting or interior design or something. I like clutter and I’m quite visually greedy. I can’t have things to be plain; I have to have things looking interesting … maybe I’m just a frustrated interior designer stuck in a singing career.”

23. Fame hasn’t been all too easy for Florence: she recently admitted to battling with depression. She told Grazia magazine, “I’d gone from being this art student messing about with music to this girl with a record deal, magazine front covers and all this hype…I got through that depression, that heartbreak and so many other things with the album, which is why it’s so emotional. It’s possibly why so many people connect with it.”

24. Partygoers, take note: Florence has called “Shake It Out” her “ultimate hangover cure.”

25. Her song “Only If For a Night” was inspired by a real-life ghostly encounter with her deceased grandmother while touring Germany. Florence claims she told her to focus on her “perfect career.”

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