25 Things About Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan has been quietly taking Hollywood on by storm for years. Catch her in 'Masters of Sex' this weekend - and learn everything you need to know about her here!
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Lizzy Caplan True Blood

Lizzy as Amy in ‘True Blood’ back in 2008.

14. Lizzy is something of a chameleon—and it’s definitely a choice. She explained in 2007, “I like to change my appearance for every role because it’s helpful for the character—but also, the idea of being easily recognizeable on the street leaves such a horrible taste in my mouth that I like to do anything I can to stay anonymous for a while.” How refreshing!

15. You may have noticed that a lot of Lizzy’s shows have been cancelled, but then gone on to have a long and healthy life with one heck of a cult following. And you know what? She’s actually okay with this. Here’s what she had to say when she was asked during a Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) how she felt “about the developing cycle where shows debut, fail, get on Netflix, then suddenly become popular”: “I think we are in a new world, with the internet and whatnot. I fear change… but it’s never gonna go back to the way it was before. So we may as well embrace it. Plus lots more people are able to produce content these days. So, let’s just call it a great thing.” Wise words indeed!

16. What was it like shooting Bachelorette with fellow funnyladies Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, and Rebel Wilson? “It was like my 16th birthday every minute of every day. But with less vomiting and tears.” Sounds like a party!

17. Like so many actors, Lizzy did her time in the restaurant biz: She bussed tables at two different restaurants. She never moved up to waitress, which she calls “the biggest embarrassment of my whole life,” but she loved the atmosphere all the same.

18. She likes to balance lucrative, mainstream gigs (hello, True Blood!) with shoestring budget indie projects. For example, about 3, 2, 1… Frankie Go Boom, which was shot in 2010, she said she took the job partially because she needed the work, but largely because she “read the script and really fell in love with it.” She continued, “I also thought it would be a very challenging charcter because even though for the second half of the movie she’s pretty straight and sweet, those first early scenes, I knew would be something that would terrify my rightbefore he yelled ‘Action.’ And that’s the kind of stuff I seek out.”

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Lizzy Caplan Save the Date

Be sure to catch Lizzy in ‘Save the Date’ this weekend!

19. By the way, Lizzy estimates that the budget for the Marvel short film she did for The Avengers DVD, Item 47, matched the budget for Frankie Go Boom. To put things in perspective, Item 47 shot over the course of four days and has a running time of 12 minutes. Frankie Go Boom, a full-length feature, has a running time of 89 minutes.

20. Although it’s possible that Party Down’s ultimate demise was due to it being on an under-the-radar network like Starz, Lizzy actually thinks that Starz was a great network to work with. “We don’t have thirty Starz executives sitting behind the monitors, like you would on a regular network show, weighing in and giving a lot of their opinions,” she explained in 2010. “We are left alone to do whatever we want, which in television is kind of unheard of.”

21. She’s good friends with her fellow Freaks and Geeks actress, Busy Phillips; in fact, she’s godmother to Busy’s daughter, Birdie Leigh Silverstein.

22. Nude scenes don’t phase her. She finds the whole thing—including that the first results when you Google her name are her True Blood nude scenes—pretty hilarious. Way to be, Lizzy.

23. In her Reddit AMA, she revealed that her favorite snack is “hot dog nachos.” It’s unclear whether she means hot dogs AND nachos or nachos with hot dogs in them, but either way, we’re willing to roll with it.

24. Sorry, would be suitors; Lizzy is spoken for. She’s been in a relationship with Matthew Perry since 2006.

25. What’s next for her? IMDB has a mysterious new entry for Party Down listed, and Lizzy is attached. Could it be returning? We’ve got our fingers crossed!

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