25 Things About Noomi Rapace

Swedish actress Noomi Rapace has been making waves lately with hits like 'Dead Man Down' But how much do you really know about her?
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Noomi Rapace Prometheus16. In spite of the success that came with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Noomi has no interest in ever playing Lisbeth Salander again. On the day that production of the third film wrapped, she went to the bathroom and threw up for 45 straight minutes. Salander is a hard character to get out of your system.

17. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was her English-language film debut. She met with both star Robert Downey, Jr. and director Guy Ritchie before she was officially cast, but although she was nervous, she really didn’t have to be. Said Guy, “Well, I think we all saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo about the same time, and there was a collective agreement by the time we got on the phone about Noomi. After a very short meeting with [her], our desires were confirmed, because she ticked all the boxes.”

18. One thing she might have in common with her Sherlock Holmes character, Madame Simza Heron: Gypsy blood, thanks to her father. It’s still a maybe, though: “I’m not sure if it is true,” Noomi has said, “but I have always been interested in the culture.”

19. She likes to do her own stunts as much as possible. She did all of them in The Millenium Trilogy, and when it came to Sherlock Holmes, she said she “tried to do as much as they allowed me to do. You get bruised and your body aches, and you hurt yourself, but that’s kind of part of it. I am very self-critical, and I don’t like to pretend.”

20. Noomi’s Prometheus director, Ridley Scott, first found out about her by accident—he happened to catch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on TV by chance at 11pm one night. “Frankly, I was blown away by the whole thing,” he recalled. “And I was wondering who this punk was who seemed to be straight off the street, very withdrawn, very angry, very bright, completely misunderstood and being completely abused. It was a pretty great character.” He watched the film four more times, and each time, he asked himself, “Who’s this girl?”

Above: Noomi as ‘Prometheus” Elizabeth Shaw.

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