25 Things About Zooey Deschanel

Here's 25 little known and cool facts about 'New Girl' star Zooey Deschanel. Like she does a mean chipmunk imitation and can tap dance too!
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13. Don’t expect She & Him to change its name to The Zooey Band anytime soon: this artist loves the current “anonymous” title because she believes it will “keep the focus more on the music.”

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14. The first album Zooey ever bought was The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night.

15. The first album someone bought her? Her dad picked up Madonna’s Like A Virgin for Zooey when she was only 3! Yeah, we’re still trying to figure that one out, too.

16. Fans, bookmark Jezebel and Tavi’s new venture, Rookie–they’re two of Zooey’s favorite places on the web. And while you’re at it, add HelloGiggles to your list. It’s Zooey’s own entertainment site.

17. Emily Deschanel of TV’s Bones is her big sis.

18. This trendsetter is definitely not over military garb: her favorite wardrobe piece is a 1960s Courreges military coat.

19. Wondering where Zooey gets many of her flirty dresses from? Modcloth! We’re about to raid the site, so head over there quick.

20. Believe it or not, Zooey has a pop star lookalike: Katy Perry. She told an Extra correspondent: “One time I was actually at the Grammys and a girl came up to me and asked for my autograph. And then she was like… ‘What??’ I was like, ‘Oh, I know who you’re looking for. She’s over there.’”

21. Zooey really loves her character on New Girl. She told Collider.com, “If there’s any character that I want to play, forever and ever and ever, it’s this one, so I’m psyched.”

22. Not only does Zooey sing well, but she’s also talented with instruments. She plays piano, guitar, ukulele, and pedal steel guitar.

23. The teenaged Zooey attended the same high school as Kate Hudson and Jack Black, Cross Roads in Santa Monica, proving that celebrities really do stick together.

24. This wide-eyed star loves New York–especially a little vegan bakery called BabyCakes.

25. Though she sings like a siren, Zooey can also pull off an impressive chipmunk impersonation. She told Time Out New York, “I sound like a brainy Chipmunk.”

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