3-2-1, Yum: Delicious Meals You Can Make in the Microwave

Sick of scrubbing greasy pans? Let that microwave do the work!
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3-2-1, Yum: Delicious Meals You Can Make in the Microwave

Sick of scrubbing greasy pans? Let that microwave do the work!

-Vicki Santillano, Divine Caroline

Woman using a microwave

Someday, I hope to employ a personal chef who has home-cooked meals waiting in the oven for me when I arrive home from work. Unfortunately, there’s a chance I might not win the lottery, which means that dream won’t become a reality. In the real world, there’s not always time for preheating ovens and hours-long baking sessions. And if it’s hot outside, the idea of heating up the kitchen is even less appealing. If only there were some sort of magical appliance that cooked food quickly and efficiently without turning the kitchen into a sauna …

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Behold, the solution to your problems: the microwave. You know it as the machine that heats up your leftovers and makes a mean quesadilla, but microwaves can do so much more. Scoff at the idea of cooking with it if you must, but would you scoff at cornbread that takes five minutes to prepare, or risotto that doesn’t require constant stirring? Surprisingly, the microwave offers a wealth of meal ideas beyond frozen dinners and last night’s pizza.

Incredibly Edible Eggs

Egg on english muffin

One of my coworkers put the idea of microwave cooking in my head after I saw her eating scrambled eggs on an English muffin at her desk one morning. I was amazed that she could achieve such a feat without a stovetop or a pan. She was kind enough to share her technique:

One to two eggs
A splash of milk (approximately one teaspoon per egg)
Salt and pepper to taste
Cheese (optional)

Beat all ingredients with a fork or wire whisk in a coffee mug. Microwave for one minute, then flip eggs over in mug and microwave in additional fifteen-second increments until eggs reach desired consistency. If adding cheese, microwave until eggs are still slightly wet but mostly done, then sprinkle the desired amount of cheese over eggs for the last twenty to thirty seconds of microwaving.

If scrambled eggs aren’t your thing, fret not—you can also poach or hard-boil them, too! For poaching, all you need is an egg, a tiny bit of white vinegar, plastic wrap, water, and a bowl. Recipezaar’s version received a five-star rating from reviewers, many of whom claim it’s much easier than the pot method. To hard-boil, this recipe says to gently break the egg in a microwave-safe bowl and poke the yolk a few times with a fork or knife. Microwave on medium power for forty-five seconds, check the egg, and microwave more if necessary.

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