3 Hot Hairstyles to Wear Now

Gregory Alan, celebrity hairstylist dishes on what to wear to your next party!

3 Hot Hairstyles to Wear Now

Gregory Alan, celebrity hairstylist dishes on what to wear to your next party!

-Gregory Alan

 hair lede

Grow those tresses out! This winter it’s all about comfort and easy tousled waves. You want to have a carefree look but without spending a lot of time. Here are some great little tips to think about trying this winter:

 3 styles

Tousled waves


When your hair is towel dry, apply a small amount to your hair of thickening lotion from scalp to ends. Then, braid your hair into four large sections. Allow hair to air dry or use a diffuser. When your hair is completely dry, free the braids and you will have perfect naturally tousled waves.

One to try:

redken thickening lotion

Redken thickening lotion 06 ($15.11, stockngo.com)

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Braided fringe

 braided fringe

For those women growing their fringe out, a simple braid is the tip to tuck and secure while keeping the hair out from your face. It looks “bohemian chic” and it’s easy. Keep your natural hair texture and use a sea salt spray and let air dry.

One to try:

 kms sea salt spray

KMS Sea Salt spray ($15.98, amazon.com)

Braided bun


braided bun

And for women with really long hair, what looks great is to use a volumizing mousse and then blow dry your hair. Once your hair is dry, pull your hair into a low pony tail and then braid it. Secure the ends and then wrap in a bun. You will get such beautiful texture with a woven finish.

 One to try:

 fekkai mousse

Fekkai Full Volume mousse ($21, fekkai.com)

How to fix heat damaged hair

During winter months, your hair wants to be nurtured and conditioned after a summer of flat ironing, chlorine from pools, sun damage, etc. Really think about taking the time to protect and heal your hair. To protect your hair from the blow dryer or flat iron, try the Salon Grafix 450 Heat Protect spray ($7.99, drugstore.com) is amazing! It protects your hair from up to 450 degrees of thermal heat! And for a beautiful leave in treatment I would recommend the “It’s A 10–Miracle Leave In product ($9.59 – $30.99, sleekhair.com). It really helps to soothe and seal the end.

 heat protect spray

it's a 10

Even though the weather is not hot, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be! Hopefully these ideas and info will help you choose a style and care regimen that is right for your hair!

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