3 Steps to Ready Your Closet for Your New Spring Wardrobe!

The stores may be tempting you with their gorgeous new spring clothes, but make room in your closets first!

3 Steps to Ready Your Closet for Your New Spring Wardrobe!

The stores may be tempting you with their gorgeous new spring clothes, but make room in your closets first!

-Harvey Helms

 spring 2012 fashion trends

I love the middle of February! Spring fashion and cosmetics are arriving! All my favorite mags weigh about 20 pounds each because they are stuffed with all the new deliciousness soon to arrive at a store near you. Or just a click away digitally depending on which shopping fix you need to satisfy.

 walk in closet

But girls, it is also that time of year to go into your closet[s] and take a long hard look at what has to go. If you want to take a martini shaker and your favorite glass, be my guest. That will make it more fun. Just don’t start shopping until you make room for what’s coming. Still have items with tags hanging in there because you didn’t find the thing to wear with it? I love InStyle magazine because it tells you which trends and what goes with what if your fashion challenged in this area. But! Back to your closet!

Here are my three practical tips to get the job done!

1. Take trash bags with you into the closet

When you’ve finished stuffing them with things to go–put the bags immediately in your car and set the GPS for Goodwill or your fave thrift store. If you leave piles on the floor somehow they’ll end up back in your closet. NO! They must go!

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2. If you haven’t worn it in a 2 years get rid of it

Seriously. If you hear yourself saying, “But I might wear it again,” ignore that thought ‘cause you know deep in your heart you are not going to wear it again. Sentimental clothes like wedding gowns and your first prom dress belong in storage. Not in your everyday closets!

3. If you have some crazy pieces

You purchased these things that look retro or just strange really–create a Halloween costume box that can be stored in the garage or basement. You know, the 50s skirt you thought was so cute? Or the black netted top for the disco? You can go as a 1950’s vampire this year! Fabulous.

Okay my lazy princesses! Get those martinis shaken but not stirred and do what you have to do!

Happy Cleaning!



Harvey Helms is a beauty culturist and writer, drawing on 30 years of experience in cosmetics,fashion and design. Harvey has held positions ranging from Global Director of Beauty for Revlon Cosmetics to Executive Director of Special Events for Donna Karan Beauty. Harvey currently lives and works in Silicon Valley, where he just finished writing his first book in a trilogy of three: an engaging tell-all on the fashion industry. Follow Harvey on Twitter.com/HarveyHelms.


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