30 Little Things Guys Find Sexy

Sweet little nothings men can't resist.
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Women frequently ask me what men find sexy. Clearly, no size fits all when it comes to matters of the heart. But from my experience, it’s the little things we do that make men weak in the knees. (Unless you just booked a Victoria’s Secret campaign – that works, too.) So I asked guy friends, boyfriends, gay friends and strangers for the little things that turn them on big-time. Here are 30 of their best answers.

Guys think it’s sexy when you …

1. Wear a sundress on a hot, sticky day. Bras need not apply.

2. Quote Anchor Man, The Big Lebowski or The Usual Suspects.

3. Use interesting vocabulary words in intellectual conversations.

4. Use inappropriate vocabulary words in sexy situations.

5. Bake him something – even if you end up with batter in the toaster and cupcakes that tastes like Play-Doh.

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11 thoughts on “30 Little Things Guys Find Sexy

  1. jessica03 says:


  2. weetziebat says:

    Yeah, that would be me – cupcakes that taste like Play-Doh. I’d be better off grilling a steak!

  3. FFlotus says:

    my husband loves #14… but if you say it follow through!

  4. funtohavearound says:

    they just love attention of any kind and pampering. but of course that goes both ways. being funny is good for them just as it is for us as well as being capable of different things that they aren’t good at.

  5. Kristyna says:

    My man loves it wen I leave little comments on our bathroom mirror, and love an attention, and the occasional wink frm across the room.

  6. bestwicklesscandles says:

    I have found that anything or nothing in high heels is the best.

  7. marriagecoach1 says:

    Instead of forgetting to wear panties, (not underwear, guys hate it when you say underwear,little old ladies and little girsl wear underwear)wear some very lacy and frilly panties with color instead of your usual deadly dull white nylong panties wiht no lace.

    As far as being his biggest cheerleader, I suggest having a very short little pleated skirt and a tight sweater and jumping up and down and doing high kicks cheerleader style when he does something worth celebrating. And by the way, instead of tights on under that cheerleadre skirt again wear your frilliest sexiest panties on. It was every guy’s fantasy in high school and college. I know that it is hokey, but it wlll definitely endear your guy to you and he will appreciate it. By the way, wear that short little sexy sundress and be sure to flash him when he opens the car door for you. MEN LOVE IT WHEN YOU FLASH HIM SEXY PANTIES!

  8. leeshtones says:

    Ill agree with marriagecoach1, you nailed it :)

  9. miss_wilson says:

    some of these are dumb!!

  10. roadrunner says:

    Interesting… I will keep those in mind

  11. As a man, I like these :
    7. Buy him his favorite video game, ironic t-shirt or vintage album – just because. Even if I'm not a big fan of games, this tells me she care about me.
    11. Race him to the car. This is funny
    13. Text him exactly what you’re going to do him later. Sexy
    14. Text him exactly what you want him to do to you later. Very sexy

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