4 Tips to Get Your Body Ready For A Baby

Whether you're trying to get pregnant now, or want a baby in the future, it's smart to keep in mom-to-be shape.
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4 Tips to Get Your Body Ready For A Baby

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant now, or want a baby in the future, it’s smart to keep in mom-to-be shape.

-Amy Levin-Epstein

4 tips to get your body ready for baby

Any woman who wants to become a mother knows the rules of good health during pregnancy: don’t smoke, limit alcohol consumption, eat well, take vitamins and don’t forget the folic acid. But if your health habits aren’t good before you get pregnant, or if you haven’t planned to conceive at all, you’re likely to have a hard time changing them abruptly once you get the news.

And according to researchers, many of us don’t. A recent British study followed over 12,000 women of child-bearing age; 238 became pregnant within three months. (Almost 25 percent of those pregnancies were accidental.) The researchers found that 97 percent of the pregnant women were still drinking just as much and hadn’t begun taking folic acid. As for healthy eating (five or more portions of healthy baby-building fruits and vegetables each day), just over half the moms-to-be were doing it. Much better for you, our experts say, is to follow the health practices below as best you can, whether you’re building a nursery or not. Then, if you happen to have a happy accident, you can rest easy that your little surprise will develop into a healthy child.

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Get on track now. Some of us put off cleaning the bathroom and making the bed until we have a houseguest coming. Don’t be the same way with your potential baby’s home. e.g. your womb. Start getting ready now. “This is especially true when it comes to a nourishing diet and taking the right kinds of dietary supplements,” says Dean Raffelock, D.C. and author of A Natural guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health (Soundformulations.com). Other changes to consider: quitting smoking and cutting back on drinking. Those unhealthy habits are not only bad for your baby, with a high potential to cause premature birth, respiratory problems, miscarriage, low birth weight and fetal alcohol syndrome, but they can also affect your egg production and lower your fertility.

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0 thoughts on “4 Tips to Get Your Body Ready For A Baby

  1. It always amuses me when people go on about not drinking. What do you think previous generations did? And they still managed to have babies who didn’t have fetal alcohol syndrome. It’s all about moderation. When a friend of mine was pregnant, her doctor recommended that she drink a glass of Guinness a day – I believe because it contained folic acid.

  2. In regards to the second paragraph, I really don’t know if I believe the statistic that 97% of pregnant women in that study continued consuming as much alcohol as they did prior to being pregnant. I understand that in your third trimester it is relatively harmless in moderation, but I doubt that many women are so knowingly reckless with their babies.

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