4 Olympic Inspired Hairstyles

Braids, ponytails and flowing locks will make you look like an Olympic goddess like Shawn Johnson!
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3. The Olympic Gymnast: Shawn Johnson (retired)

shawn johnson

With clean, dry hair side, part your hair from the temple to the crown of the head and section it off from the back of the head with a clip holding the hair in the back. Apply a small amount of the Dirt Texturizing paste ($22. jonathanproduct.com) to the palm of your hands and begin a French braid, starting from the top of the head and crossing over to the side. Pull the remaining hair into a high pony tail and add to it the French braid. Finish off with Jonathan Product Finish Control hairspray ($22, jonathanproduct.com).

johnathan product hair spray and paste

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4. The Olympic Gymnast: Alicia Sacramone

alicia sacramone

With clean, dry hair, take 2 inches in diameter sections of hair and wrap them around a large barrel curling iron. Do this to the whole head, starting from the nape all the way to the front. Once the whole head is completed, part it in the middle from the temple to the crown. Take the front right section and lightly twist it back to the side. Use a clip or bobby pin to secure it. Repeat the same on the left side. Spray Jonathan Product Finish Control hairspray ($22, jonathanproduct.com) throughout to ensure your curls stay intact.

jonathan product finishing spray

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