4 Things You Think Are Sexy That Really Aren’t

Sometimes what we think is a sexy turn-on is actually a major turn-off.
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3. Body oil… everywhere.

When I was growing up, I’d sit at my grandmothers vanity for hours, mesmerized by her collection of beautiful bottles and jars from Charles of the Ritz, Chanel and Escada….and Neutrogena. Neutrogena light sesame body oil, to be precise. For my entire life I believed that body oil was something very glamorous and a must-have if I wanted to be a beautiful woman with the softest skin in all of the land. Um, you guys? That crap gets everywhere! You can’t get dressed for an hour after you put it on, and sometimes at the gym later on in the day I’ll look down and realize I’m glistening…and not in a sexy way, more like a “holy crap I look like a disco ball exploded” way. Sure, it makes your skin soft, but what’s the point if your man can’t touch you for hours after you put it on? My advice? Jergens. Not glamorous, not sticky.

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4. Acting helpless.

Isn’t it so hot when you’re in a time of need and a sexy man swoops in and rescues you? It feels good to feel protected and taken care of, so good in fact that some women pretend to need rescuing when they really don’t. Getting a flat tire on the freeway during rush hour is an emergency, and calling your boyfriend in tears is perfectly acceptable. Forgetting to put gas in your car and complaining that you have no way to get to work in the morning is completely unacceptable. Sure, guys love helping their girl out, but they don’t want the two following things to happen:

1. They begin to feel taken for granted and used and

2. They begin to realize that the woman they’ve been dating can’t take care of herself. So let him save your day from time to time… just not everyday.

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