4 Ways to Meet More People On Vacation

How to let your hair down and let loose while you're on vacation!
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4 Ways to Meet More People On Vacation

How to let your hair down and let loose while you’re on vacation!

-Adam LoDolce, UltimateSocialFreedom.com

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Whether you’re reading this article at work, school, home, a coffee shop, or on a train, take a minute and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and imagine yourself lying on a tropical beach, the salty air filling your lungs, the bright sun warming your skin, and the daiquiri in your hand refreshingly cold. Ahhhh……vacation! Just a quick daydream about its pleasures puts you in a better mood. I mean, what’s not to love—a break from work and the ordinary routine, a change of scenery, and a ton of new experiences.

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We automatically associate a vacation with relaxation, but when you’re not chilling out there’s no better way to de-stress than letting loose and having a great time! Whether vacationing on a cruise, a tropical resort, a ski lodge, or in a foreign city, you are bound to feel like you’re in a small bubble far from reality. My advice to you is to use this element of surrealism to your advantage. This is a golden opportunity to leave your comfort zone and experiment with your level of social freedom: the ability to say, feel and act like your true self in any social situation. Here are some tips and exercises that will make your vacation a blast…

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