5 Best S'mores Recipes

Check out these twists on the classic marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate dessert.
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5 Best S’mores Recipes

Check out these twists on the classic marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate dessert.

-Francine Segan

5 Best S'mores Recipes

S’mores were the very first thing I ever “cooked” as a kid. I can still remember the fun of jabbing them onto a stick and setting them on fire, then sliding the gooey marshmallows onto a graham cracker-chocolate sandwich. The warm marshmallows melted the chocolate and it was a race to eat it fast or wear it.

I may have grown up, but I still love making this tasty treat, especially with my kids. Here are 5 of the best s’mores recipes for you to make – no campfires necessary! 

Max Brenner’s  S’mores

Max Brenner, owner of the international fun chocolate restaurant chain, told us that, “The best way to eat S’mores is to bite into the s’more and let the chocolate drip down your face. The messier the tastier!” His yummy version is sort of a do-it-yourself fondue.

Makes 4 ServingsMax Brenner's S'mores


1 cup heavy cream

9 ounces milk chocolate, chopped


Graham Crackers


Bring the cream to a boil. Pour over the milk chocolate in a heatproof bowl and stir until smooth. Roast the marshmallow to a crisp, dip it into the chocolate fondue and enjoy it between graham crackers.

Baci S’mores on a Stick

For a fun party, have guests toast them right at the table over a candle!

Makes 4 ServingsBaci S'mores on a stick


4 Perugina Baci chocolate candies

4 wooden skewers

4 marshmallows

4 amaretti cookies


Gently press the Baci through a wooden skewer, then add a marshmallow and top with an amaretti cookie. Repeat. Heat the marshmallow over a candle or other open flame until warm. Enjoy!

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